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Monday, August 26, 2013

You, O Lord, Are God; I Am Man

     Believing things about God without acknowledging His Sovereignty is to create a god our flesh desires. God always has the prerogative to change, or even supplant what seems like to us is written in His Word. He is God; we are man. He is the Potter; we are the clay.
     Satan never got that one. He wanted to reign over God or at least be equal to Him. We, too, need to be careful to acknowledge God as our Lord. With some of the teaching going on out there today in America, there is a fine line between God and man. I heard it said recently that "as He is so are we in the world," and in the context he used it, I believe he meant that it was as if "we are Him." Dangerous ground.
     Christ is being formed in us, as we submit to His work of dying to self, but we aren't Him. We are just dying, and He is coming more alive so that HE can be glorified through us.  We were the ugly sinful one; He is the wonderful and beautiful one. I think we really need to get that straight, or the enemy himself will try to tell us differently. He was cast down from heaven, and now is groveling on earth. Because he is here, and because he didn't achieve his goal of "being as god" he will try and hijack the believers of God to believe that they are.


  • At 9/01/2013 6:38 PM , Blogger Marshall said...

    until the final day of this age, Jesus Christ being humble in heart. So then, if/as we are in the world as He is, we remain humble through Him. Still seem as dangerous ground?

  • At 9/02/2013 8:27 AM , Blogger Patti Blount said...

    Good point. No, not if we are humble, as He is, there is no dangerous ground because then we wouldn't think of us as being Him. I was trying to help us realize that there must be a delineation between us and Him, and perhaps alert those who have come under and accepted the "I am Him" teaching that is out there.


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