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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Deliverance is From the Lord

     When someone is "in deception" or has a "stronghold" in his life, all we can do is pray, and then watch the Spirit of God go to work. Sometimes, God instructs us by His Spirit to say or do something , but it has to be led by Him alone. If we, in our fear, or carnal reasoning or "good ideas" try and make them see, or persuade them to do things differently in their lives, then that is our flesh trying to fight a spiritual battle. Scissors can't cut rocks.
     I am truly preaching to myself on this one, as it has been hard for me to "hold my peace and let the Lord fight my battles"; no wonder victory hasn't been mine. But, He is helping me do that more and more, using the past defeats and resulting ineffectiveness and even the damage it's caused, to increase my trust in His abilities and not my own. In this process, of course, has been my own repentance of trusting in myself instead of Him.
     Let's examine why us being involved in the natural doesn't work. If someone is blind because of sin, or because they have been prey to the enemies' deceitful devices, then they don't know they are blind. In fact, many times they believe they have been enlightened. So, to tell them they are blind, when they think they see, would be ludicrous. Another thing is that if we try and tell them they are blind, and they don't believe us, then they, in their mind or through satan's whisperings, believe that it is us who are blind, not them. Anyone, can see the slippery slope this can be, and what a snowball effect it can have; a maze with no outlet-truly a trap set by the enemy against us.
   But, if we present our request to God for their deliverance, He, by His Spirit, is able to get inside of them and someone change whatever is in them that caused them to get into deception or controlled by something in the first place. It is those inside issues in ourselves and others, that we, as human beings cannot touch or control. When we accept who we are, and who He is by comparison, than we become able to let it go and trust Him with other  people's  captivity. It is a spiritual issue, and He is King over the spiritual, not us.
     Well, what about their will, one may ask? Only God knows if they have willingly entered into a deception, and are justifying it in their heart. If they are, and in this are saying to God that "they want their own will to be done and don't want anything to do with His will" then I believe God will leave them alone until the consequences of their choices make them "come to themselves," (hopefully) and return to their Father's house.
     But, if they truly want His will in their life, and have been tricked by satan, I believe that God will go to battle in their defense, and of course, since He already has won the victory, than the person will be delivered and set free, in His time. We must call on God regardless, because He alone knows what is in a heart, and hope for their deliverance, knowing, without a doubt, that God will do it, if their heart is right towards Him, meaning that they have believed the lies in ignorance. (like Paul did when he thought he was doing right by God in persecuting the Christians, when in reality, he was doing damage to the Kingdom of God. In this case, God faithfully woke him up from this deception.)
     "Not by might, or by power, but by My Spirit," says the Lord. Zechariah 4:6
      "Stand still and watch the salvation of the Lord which He will work for you today."-Ex. 14:13.



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