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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Living Epistles

     One of the benefits of going on a missions trip (as I recently did to the Philippines) is that it gets you out of your own world, and puts you in another realm. Your horizons definitely broaden, which shakes up your limited view of things.
     If one remains entrenched in their world, they see only what they see, and then think that's the way things should be. Close-mindedness can result, which can contribute to prejudices and judgment of others, which is contrary to the heart of Jesus.
     Sometimes when we go to another country, we take with us our way of doing things, and then try to enlighten people as to a better way; our way!!! It is true enough that as far as hygiene and things like that are concerned, there are universal principles we can pass on, but only if others are receptive to receiving them. But in other things, respect for others must be maintained. In fact, many times, if we are opened, we can learn something new and different from them.
     One of the things I observed while in a foreign country, is that patience is a way of life. Because they haven't had things at their command, they have accepted the fact that they have to wait on things, and they usually do so with kindness and grace. At times one of my desires in going to a foreign country is to go so I can see this quality displayed, and in seeing it, can emulate it myself. It looks a lot like Jesus' heart and mind.
     We've often think of ourselves in a superior way in America. Since our country has been saturated with the Gospel, we tend to think that we can come riding in on a white horse to "tell it like it is" so that they can learn the true way. While it's true we have had the Word of God, and been able to read it freely (thank God) we then can begin to think we are the experts. But when I see God's people in third world countries loving God and serving Him unabandoned, and seeing His character being formed in them, I wonder who is teaching who?  A living teaching of Christ-likeness speaks volumes!! I am blessed to have been put in this position of seeing Him in this way in the Philippines.


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