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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Spirit, Not "Should"

     If someone is raised under the "shoulds and should nots," when they come to the Lord, it takes a lot of cleansing to get that out of them. Transitioning from "what is the right thing to do" to "what is the Spirit saying" in a situation is difficult.
     The old voices of instruction originating from the flesh, either in one's parents or guardians as a child, or from one's own flesh, which seeks to "be right", die hard. The outward appearance the flesh puts on, if perfected, can hinder the work of God on the inside, and attempts to silence the voice of His Holy Spirit within.
     This is the war within us, which, if one allows God to do His work of conforming us into the image of His Son, will lose it's strength overtime. Sometimes this takes a long, long time.  We have inside of us, pride, which wants to be seen, known, admired and exalted. Our unredeemed flesh desires perfection within ourselves, apart from God, so the internal tendency is to go about attempting to "be good" to be seen and heard. It's the Pharisee spirit within all of us, that the very cross of Jesus is after to slay, so that only He can be exalted.
     If we are truly "after God's own heart" we allow the Spirit to do this in us, with much pain and heartache. After all, the pride of the flesh, is a powerful foe, which will resist the move of God in us. It wants to be king! Sad, but true.
     When we pray, "create in me a clean heart, O God," or "search me, O God, and know me, and see if there be any wicked way in me," or "take dominion in me, Holy Spirit," we aligned ourselves with God's intention and purpose in us, and that is to destroy our flesh, that His Spirit may arise.
     Then we begin to walk in the Spirit, and in doing so, we crucify the deeds of the flesh-Praise God!!! The war begins to wane, and the peace of His Kingdom begins to rise. "The Shoulds and Should Not's" cease to control us, with it's need for recognition, and we only want what He wants, so that He can be glorified! What a marvelous work He is doing inside of us, as we submit to His Will-"less of me, more of Him."


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