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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Freedom in Letting Go!!!

     There is an immense freedom in not having to make anything happen, but in trusting whatever happens as being of the Lord in your life. "Letting go" it's been called. Another way of saying it, is that we don't have to control things.
     Why not, one might ask? Aren't we supposed to govern our lives, and be a good steward of them?  While that is true, and has it's place, trying to manipulate things because we want a desired outcome in situations in our lives, is not what He wants, and it's not good for us or others either.  But, until we really trust Him with those things, we will still try and control them.
     I am living in the middle of one of those things currently. Someone has said that they would do something, which involves me, and I really want it to work out because it will not only benefit me but others too, or so I've reasoned. She said she would call me back about it. Whether she does or not, I am good with it, because I trust the Lord. Even though I want this event to happen, God knows so much more about it , (like, EVERYTHING) so His vision and understanding is so much greater than mine. And, I am free of having to make it happen as I think I want it to. (which could be wrong anyway.)
     It is so good to trust the Lord; to put our lives into His dependable hands. And so I praise Him today for setting me free from the burden of trying to make this happen, and I'm looking forward to this becoming a pattern in my life of freedom in Him!!!


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