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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Get Down Dirty with the Masses

     I've decided to back off from saying spiritual things. It seems there is an underlying competitive edge in that realm, which distances someone from another. Even if God does show someone something "new and awesome" is it really revealed so that they can share it with everyone they know?
     When a treasure has been given to someone, discretion is the by-word to follow. If someone is too free in broadcasting their vision, revelation or understanding, then it becomes just that-scattered and fragmented. But, if by the Spirit, God directs that person with what He would have them do with it, then wisdom will protect the treasure He gives, and it will be used as He sees fit.
     Sometimes, I think we just blab God's special secrets, because we want others to know or think that we are His special people, which could stir up jealousies intentional or not. I am wondering if I could have subconsciously done that because of my insecurities?
     Well, I am just going to be a commoner from now on, so that I can relate to all kinds of people, and get down dirty with the masses. Jesus did that, and I don't think He can ever be accused of being "hyper spiritual", do you?


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