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Saturday, October 26, 2013

God's Pursuit of a Soul

     Help me think this through. On my post yesterday, I was thinking about a young man that I saw from a distance when I was recently in the Philippines, and I felt God wanted me to reach out to him in love through encouraging letters and cards, because he seemed to be troubled and rejected. Well, yesterday afternoon, I was looking at cards in a store, and realized that most of them were "girly" cards; ones who a troubled young man, if he received them would scoff at, and probably even get ribbed at by his peers. So, my thoughts changed. Since he was in the process of becoming a man, I thought a man needs to help show him love, not me, which lead to me thinking of my husband. I plan on sharing this with him tomorrow morning to see what he thinks.
     In the meantime, though, I am waiting to receive his name from the boarding school we visited in the Philippines. When I get that, I will begin praying that God would work the ground of his heart to receive New Life through Christ. I've already been praying, as God knows who He is.
     So, I am grateful that God quickened my spirit while looking for cards yesterday, and helped me to know "His strategy" on behalf of the young man who He wouldn't let me forget. God pursues the lonely, the angry and the sad.


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