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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Contentment As a Covering

     Disappointment is the result of believing we deserve something other than what we are getting in life. Underneath this is a distrust in God's care for us, so we use ways to cause others to give to us what we feel we deserve, whether it be money, love or attention. Even if they do "deliver", we are left unsatisfied still, because we know they did not give with a willing heart, but from one which was controlled by us, and they relented only so that we would stop talking about it and they could get relief, or out of fear, false-guilt, or as an attempt to out manipulate us and our tactics. ( which is all just self-preservation) Continued disappointment can lead to despair; a dark hole that is hard to get out of. In fact, without the rescuing power of the grace of God, we cannot. However if we truly want out, His Grace is there reaching out to us to bring His supernatural deliverance, by way of forgiveness. I don't know how many times He has come to my aid, even when the enemy is on the 9.99999......... count as I lay on the boxing ring floor wounded. Suddenly, and I don't know exactly how, I am standing again ready for another round, empowered by His Grace alone.

"Godliness with contentment is great gain."- I Timothy 6:6.


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