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Monday, December 09, 2013

I Can Do It-NOT!!!!

     "Putting our body in submission"(I Cor. 9:27) is one of the hardest things to do, when referring to making food choices that bring health, instead of death. For almost 2 years now, my husband and I have changed our eating style from "eat whatever you want" to "eat mostly greens, fruits, eliminating dairy, breads, pasta, and sweets, with a little meat thrown in there every once in awhile." (Alkaline diet)
     At first, we both lost 25 lbs., and were well on our way. We had cut up bell pepper, celery, and green snap peas in a container in the fridge at all times. We drank a "green smoothie" everyday. We maintained this pattern for approx. a year and one half.
     We still do most of this, but in the past few months, we have gradually allowed the "death foods" to creep back in, and I don't like it. I think I don't like the fact that we can't do it consistently as much as the fact that the foods are getting in us. Which, of course, leads me to look once again, at my own helplessness in light of doing anything consistently, without relying on the self-control the Lord provides, as a fruit of the spirit.
    I do believe that, even in the area of what we eat, we can "start out in the Spirit" and "end up in the flesh." Even though Paul, expressed this principle to the Galatians, I believe it is a universal one, which transcends time, that can be applied to all areas of our lives. When we begin to fail in our own strength, this can show us, if we will but yet see, that somewhere along the line, even unconsciously, we grabbed the ball, and began to "try" to "do it ourselves." The fact that we are slipping can be the impetus to begin again, to ask for His help daily, if not all through the day. He is beckoning us back to what He is after in us all, and that is complete and total dependency.
     I thank Him for my failures and for showing me that I can't do anything consistently without Him. Whenever His Word tells us to do anything, and the New Testament is full of directives, in our behavior or otherwise, we need to understand that if we try to do it "in our flesh" we will fail. He tells us "to do" this and that, and He expects us to realize,  through our repeated failures, that it is only by His strength and the abilities He has imparted to us, that we can succeed in anything. It's not us, but Him.
     As we submit to Him and ask for His power to help us in all things, He will then fulfill His plans and purposes through us and the reasons for us walking this earth will be completed, and He will be glorified. This is the best motivation I know of to want to "mortify the deeds of the flesh." (Rom. 8:13) Oh God, overcome through us in all areas!!!


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