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Thursday, December 05, 2013

Transition From Error to Truth

     Someone wrote recently on their website that if someone is presently believing something that is not true (meaning from the reality of Christ) , and they have the Spirit of truth within them, they will experience "doubt." This doubt causes someone to question the current, "false truth" they are believing in order to see it's error, and so that they will receive the "real truth." And, I am adding, that this process happens many times over when someone's mind is being renewed, and they are being transformed into His image. When we doubt our doubt, it could be that we are pushing away the very truth the Holy Spirit is moving us towards. Only God, by His Holy Spirit, can help us respond to His changing us in a safe way, maneuvering us through the web of deception. As we put our trust in Him to do it, we can be assured that He will, even through our false thoughts, confusion, or if we make wrong turns. We don't have to figure it out, or understand how He does it either! Who else, but God, could do that in us, but God?

P.S.-This process is currently happening in me. I feel like a "snowglobe," and God is shaking me up, with all the little snowflakes whirling and twirling around, never knowing where they will fall. But, I know that after the shaking within us occurs, even to the core, at times; how we end up, after the snow settles is ALWAYS better than before. (But it is unsettling!!!!) Sigh.


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