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Friday, December 13, 2013

Satan's Attacks are Swallowed Up in His Victory

     Someone I know sent my an email last night asking for prayer as they were feeling the attacks of satan. I am posting my response to them below, in hopes that if some of you are also in this place, you may receive some hope and encouragement by some things the Lord has shown me concerning this:

The finished work on the cross is yours. One of the major things Jesus died for is the victory He won over satan in our lives. As I stood in the gap for you this morning, I found myself thanking Him, on your behalf, for this sure victory. Be assured this victory is the standard He raises when the enemy comes in like a flood. It is the standard that He raises that prevents the enemy from destroying us. I know you have heard it before, but it is a sure thing: satan can not cross the blood line which protects the children of God, through Jesus Christ's sacrifice. Even when its seem like we are being destroyed mentally, emotionally or even physically, it is not unto death, meaning that spiritually we will never die because of His sacrifice. Sometimes when God is working in us to change some of our former false beliefs to His true ones, I've found that is when satan attacks most, because in this sense we are coming out of darkness and being brought into His glorious light or truth, and satan would have us stay in a place of deception. I've also discovered that God uses these attacks, to do something in us; either He is removing things or adding things, but we can be assured that our purification awaits us on the other side, each time this happens. So, we need not be afraid whenever satan assails us like that,  as He's already won the victory for us, and we are left with only trusting Him, the One and Only Trustworthy One, to get us where He wants us, even as He uses these attacks for His glory!!!


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