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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Questions I Have Concerning "Assembling"

     Oh, Lord-how do you want us to gather, or do you want us to gather? Why, when we do, is a person always made the center of attention? Why do we want to worship only that which we can see? And not You only-the One true God? And what would that look like anyway? What is in Your heart and mind concerning  "gathering together" in Your name? Someone has said You are presently just wanting us to meet in "twos and threes"? If this is true, is it because if there were more, we would be more tempted to have a head, other than You? Would we then justify it because our rational reasoning would tell us that when there are many people, we "have" to organize them, and then the hierarchy would begin? When you said we are to "assemble ourselves together" did you mean we are to "wait" and see what You will do with us, or are you prompting us, by Your Spirit, to make a move? And, another thing, can women who are married, be the one you move on to take the initiative, or not? Or can she only gather women, and pray about the rest? Are my questions o.k. to have, or do they show a lack of patience or faith? If so, forgive me and work those things in me. 


  • At 1/04/2014 9:27 AM , Blogger Marshall said...

    "and-also we may be considering one another into sharpening of love and-also-with [inciting to] ideal acts, not abandoning/forsaking of/from themselves of together-leading [those from afar], as according to some [has become their] custom, but/rather calling [others] beside/alongside, and-also so much rather inasmuch you are observing the day nearing,.. (...text continues with caveat for willfully sinning)
    [Hebrews 10:24-25]

    God's kids are gatherers. 10:25 refers to those we gather together whom may not often see one another (for distance or some other cause). There is also ekklesia, a local coming together of those called out.

    Then, for your questions, how do you mean "assembling"? (being specific in prayer, as the "Answer" may be different depending upon the gathering you have in mind.) ekklesia (often translated "church") is to the council and government of Christ upon earth today. Hebrews 10:25 refers "sunagoge" and not "ekklesia".

    If we will look to the Head, Christ, in whom we are enjoined, the temptation to appoint another will fail.

    May Father guide in every liberty and in the power of His Grace to you!


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