Great and Unsearchable Things

Things the Lord gives me, and then I write them.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Trust Him to Use Your Gifts

      "Things the Lord gives me, and then I write them", is the by-line of this blog, and it's not meant to be just a catchy phrase.
     Each morning I wake up, and ask the Lord what I should write about, and trust that He hears me, and that He answers as a thought surfaces. My belief is that, "if you ask the Lord for fish, will He give you a stone?" (Luke 11:11) In other words, because I have asked, I trust that He is answering me with what I asked for.
     I have from 30-120 views a day on my blog from countries all over the world. The United States is usually in first place, and lately Malaysia is always coming in second. Then there is the United Kingdom, Russia, India, Sweden, Germany, and an occasional visit from China, Australia, and some islands I've never heard of before.
     So, when I write, believing God is giving me what to write, I sometimes wonder who the individual people "out there," are, what they are like, and what is happening in their lives as they read. I wonder if God is using something that's been written to impact them, or to bring comfort or enlightenment about who God is, and the things of His Kingdom. I trust that He is.
      I also trust that He is well able to show me if He wants me to stop blogging. Today I had the highest page views ever and that gives me hope to keep on. Everyone needs encouragement in the gifts He has given.
     So, I trust that God is giving the increase on the things He's had me plant through my writings, and that the Holy Spirit is watering the words with His anointing, as He teaches you, the reader, through them.  Grow in His love, grace, peace, and truth! And, thanks, for stopping by.


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