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Monday, January 06, 2014

Happy New Life!!!

     "Work harder! One more brick!" says the pharaoh in all of us at times. Part of our old man is vulnerable to the demands of the boss within us, as it was his voice that "kept us going" while we were yet in slavery for so many years. No wonder it's hard to believe the voice of our Shepherd that freed us when He says that He accepts us unconditionally, and not based on what we do, how hard we do it, and how much production we put out. We've been programmed this way.
     But, good news! The old is passing away, and all things are becoming new in us!! Praise God! His voice should replace that old slave master as we grow in Him. BTW-which environment can you work better in; one that is full of pressure, or one that is peaceful? These two contrast the old pasture and the new. In His pasture, we will lie down in peace and produce 10 times as much for His Kingdom and do it happily and willingly, knowing of His abundant love for us!!! Out with the old; in with the New!!!


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