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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Ask According to My Will, and It Will Be Done

      God makes me deal with any issues between me and family members before He lets me "reach out." It's like He is saying, "first things first." Only He can read my heart, and  knows the invisible "things" in there which have caused those feelings. Maybe I've judged them and don't even know it. Maybe I've held a grudge for little things they have done, and I think I have let them go, but haven't. Or maybe I've just imagined that they have negative feelings towards me, and I have responded the same way back to them, deep inside of me.
     We are often blind to these things. But, we know they are there.  We feel them.
      Just a couple of days ago, I was tired of having these feelings towards a family member and so I asked God to take them away. I expected it to take awhile, but that's not how He worked. It seemed like "suddenly" I didn't have those feelings towards that person anymore. When I had occasion to be with them, I knew they were gone. In fact, God had replaced them with a renewed sense of love and respect towards them, and it felt good. It felt like restoration.
     It seems God was waiting on me to be willing to let them go. When I was, He made that possible. He does make all things new, but He waits for us to "let" Him.
Amazing how we have more control of our lives than we think.


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