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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Struck Down, but Not Destroyed

     A few years ago, I was feeling lonely, lost and rejected, and so I opened myself up to others who came into my life. I wasn't guarding my heart at that time, which didn't leave much room for discernment. The acceptance and "love" I felt from my new friends kept me blind to any faults or false motives they may have had in befriending me. Because of that, I was ignorant in my bliss, and not prepared for what came to pass involving those relationships.
     When thoughts of betrayal came, due to accusations against my friends, I was devastated. Thinking they were above these kinds of things, and my own neediness of their acceptance and love, made me prey to extreme hurt. The enemy delighted in this, as I wrestled with confusion and doubt, back and forth, back and forth for a few years. I had been seduced by him successfully, when my heart was hungry and I subconsciously wanted it filled by human beings.
     As with all things, when we are cared for by our Father, He opened my eyes, when I was now ready to see the error of my way in not letting Him only fill those needs. My vulnerability to be hurt was there and it had to happen like it did (I can see as I look back) so that I would, in my pain, turn to Him. He has readjusted me on the inside, by making the crooked places straight, so that I am more protected against this demonic spirit that came to destroy my relationship with God through this happening. I praise Him for letting me go through this, so that I could give Him more of my heart on the other side of this pain.

"Thou shall have no other god before me."-(that includes human beings) Ex. 20:3.


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