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Friday, November 27, 2015

Where Are You?

      I'm looking for a gathering of people who know the Word and whose heart's desire is to yield to His Will in their lives for His glory, who understand and accept the painful process of cleansing and death they must go through daily for God to get them there. Also, this gathering would be those whose understanding is not a sealed and fixed set of doctrines, but whose spirits are opened to seek His heart and mind through His Word and Spirit, understanding that in Christ there is not beginning and no end and that there is an unlimited, ongoing revelation of Him available that He wants to impart to us and conform us to, His Body.


  • At 5/02/2016 12:03 AM , Blogger EVANGELIST JOSEPH Enjamuri said...

    Our Loving Brother in Christ!
    I am Pastor Joseph I have been doing the Ministry since 2000 year and also running FLORA CHRISTIAN SCHOOL IN INDIA,

    Brother we are all Praying for you and for the Ministry, Brother if you have any idea about in India, I would like to invite you for doing the Crusades in India I will arrange the 3 nights Open air Meetings and also I will arrange for Day time Pastors Conference for 3 day times.

    Brother we Pray for you,
    Kindly keep on your prayers,
    MOBILE:0091 9440117918.


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