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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The Perils of Dogma-A Perspective

     If we think of ourselves as "the remnant", "the true believers", "the enlightened ones", the only ones on "the narrow path", or are a part of any group of people who believe that their beliefs are the correct ones and we join themselves to them geographically we are in danger of passing judgment, on not only those who don't believe exactly like we do, but also on each other, who "the leaders" deem as deviating, in either a small or great way, from those "right" beliefs. That is the reason that our doctrine must be only Christ and Him crucified, trusting the Holy Spirit to keep us from falling into error, as He leads us into all truth, as we work out our own salvation with fear and trembling. As to other believers who don't see things as we do, we need to trust the Holy Spirit in them to lead them also in the ways of God's truth and understanding, while continuing to love them in action and with prayer.
     We need other believers who don't see things as we do to bring multiple expressions of Christ forward. In this way, Christ, through all the members of His Body is proclaimed and seen, and made available for each one of us to partake of. If someone brings something which is not of Christ, the discerning Holy Spirit will show us. If there is only one expression of Christ on the table (through a dogmatic set of beliefs) and each member must conform to it, the growth of the Body is thwarted, but as each member shares His part (what God, by His Spirit, has revealed to him in the secret place, of His heart and mind) we are balanced out individually and corporately, becoming more established in the Truth of who He is.
     I don't know if we, as members of His Body, need more assurance of what we already believe by gathering people around us who will cement those same beliefs, instead of being grown up in Him by being exposed to different expressions of His Life, through the varied members of His Body, because we all see through a glass darkly. Are we so dogmatically sure of our beliefs that we could possibly shut out the voice of the Holy Spirit's bringing us correction through the other members of the Body, who hold differing views?
     Denominations, fellowships, sects, and all groups who are like-minded in their set of beliefs, statements of faith, and tenets of faith, as being the standard, deny Christ Himself, who is the only true Way, Truth and Life.
     We must gather around Him only in love for one another, and not around our own personal convictions, dogmas or around what we've been taught by men, and must continue to be taught by the Holy Spirit as we commune with Him privately, and as we meet with those who have also been communing with Him; those who remain opened to being changed from their former beliefs and understanding as He quickens their spirit. In this way, He has His way in making His Bride ready without wrinkle, spot or blemish.


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