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Monday, July 20, 2015

How Our Personalities Can Affect What We Believe

     What is our personality? It's comprised of the way we think, act, our perspective, and behave. Does God use our personality, or are we to lay it down so that He can live through us? I believe the latter is true.
     If we hold onto our personality, then those traits we've been used to operating in, will take dominance over Christ in us.
     I went to a Woman's Retreat once and we took a personality test. Although the speaker acknowledged our personalities, she also said, that when we become more like Christ, we begin to exhibit all of the personalities in a balanced way! That is food for thought, but I am thinking that a personality is made up of natural characteristics, and becoming more like Christ begins to shape us into a spiritual being with spiritual characteristics; the fruit of the Spirit.
   Why does all of this matter? I believe that if we don't give our personalities to the Lord in surrender to His desire to take dominion in us, we begin to serve it, instead of Him. When that happens, we read His Word and interpret Him through our personality, instead of by His Spirit. Our view of Him gets askew, and we become blind to the truth. We pick and choose Scriptures that support the way we think and feel in order to not make us uncomfortable, or to satisfy our personalities. When we become closed to God's full revelation of Himself through our spirits, satan is right there to confirm our beliefs, by putting before us Scriptures that will justify our pre-dispositions while we slip slowly into the darkness that we fully believe is light.
     If we think we can keep our own soul from falling (be protected from the delusions of the enemy) by the strength in the traits of our personality, we are sorely mistaken, and walking in dangerous territory.  That is why it is so important to surrender everything to Him, even our personalities. When we do that, then He promises to "keep your soul." Psalm 121:7. When we consider ourselves dead in this way, He will raise our personalities up again, by living through them.


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