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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Is It Too Late for Revival?

     Revival happens when people's hearts are stirred towards God. In America today (and maybe worldwide, I don't know) there is a poverty towards the things of God; a fog that has covered the eyes and ears of people; a baseness or a heaping on of the lusts of the flesh or self, and a focus on the natural, material, and soulish realm.
     The ascendency (deepening or advancing)  in Christ (growth in Him and in apprehending the things of His Kingdom) is only happening in those who are continuing to seek Him daily. "Few there be that find it" (the narrow road that leads to life) and "those who endure to the end" are the ones in this time who have laid down all to follow Him in a real way. These are going against the tide and can only remain strong and steadfast by His Spirit in them in order to resist temptation to "go with the flow" of the world and those around them.
     Let's pray for each other; our brothers and sisters (those who do the Will of the Father), who feel alone at times, that they would not become weak in well-doing, but would rely totally on Christ in them to keep them from falling. Even so, Come Lord Jesus, Come.


  • At 6/25/2017 5:13 PM , Blogger Jenny Prickett said...

    Amen. You put into words perfectly what has been burdening my soul. I have been praying for my true brothers and sisters in Christ here in America and abroad that we would remain stalwart in our faith and loyal to our Lord by the power of His Spirit in us.

    Your true sister in Christ Jesus,


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