Great and Unsearchable Things

Things the Lord gives me, and then I write them.

Sunday, April 12, 2015


     False doctrines come with a seducing spirit attached to them which appeals to our flesh; what it wants to be thrilled, but certainly not killed. In other words the focus is usually on what the sin nature desires, whereas true doctrines contain what God desires and of us yielding to those.
     Examples of these doctrines encompass the "name it and claim it/prosperity/speak it and it will happen or not happen" belief system. How do we avoid exposure to these traps the enemy is behind?
     If He is growing in us, as we die daily, by deferring our own selfish desires and demands to His Will, we are better able to detect the truth from a lie; the clean from the unclean.
     There have been situations in my own life when He has spoken in my spirit, to forewarn me of impending danger of false, demonic doctrines that are being taught and propagated. These doctrines have taken the people by storm as if they were swept off their feet, which they indeed have been. That is what a seducing spirit does; it's like a drug that appeals to the flesh, making it feel good, while blinding reality (God's truth, in this case) from view.
     God once spoke to me about a book: "Don't even think about reading it. It's poison." If I had not listened and gone ahead and read it, it would have been the spiritual equivalent of trying heroin just one time. Since that time, I've seen so many addicted to this doctrine, unable to disannul the covenant of death, because they've made lies their refuge.
     We've got to learn to listen and obey, and He will tell us where danger is before we become infected with these arsenic-laced doctrines. It's comforting to know that when He nudges our spirits, or even speaks loudly to us, if we've been yielding to His Will all along and growing in Him, we will hear His loving guidance and be protected from harm as we obey. "DO NOT ENTER" from the Lord is not to be played with, especially in these last days, when demonic doctrines run rampant.


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