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Sunday, February 08, 2015

Lying Signs and Wonders

     Check this out: The Spirit of God revealed to me today a different aspect of what is meant by "lying signs and wonders," and it's all involved with the way things "seem" according to what our natural eyes see instead of what is the reality of the Spirit realm, or the Kingdom of God.
     Satan tempts us to lose faith or get in despair based on these very things. For example, if someone has been praying for someone's soul to be saved, or to come to know the Lord and they are repeatedly doing things in their lives that contradict the steps in doing that, the one believing for their salvation, could eventually give up. Why? Because they are basing their belief on things seen (lying signs) and not on the substance of things hoped for, which is faith. They haven't really believed that God, by His Spirit, is working behind the scenes to "cause" that person to be drawn to Him. Because the one who has prayed doesn't yet see physical evidence of His inside work, they have dropped the ball and quit believing. The enemy works hard to tell them in so many ways, based on what seems to be happening by this same physical evidence that they have either believed wrong, or they have misinterpreted the Scriptures, or anything which turns the tables away from him and his mischievous deeds. This usually doesn't take too much manipulation because we are so used to being led by our flesh and not by the Spirit.
     As we transition from the soul realm to the realm of Spirit, we are better able to catch him at his game, and cast off his lies. In doing so, our belief level is strengthened, and our vulnerability to the lies of satan is decreased. The true "signs and wonders" are those the Holy Spirit does on the inside of people of making all things new in those who believe. We are that sign and that wonder, as He grows us up in Him.  


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