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Monday, January 12, 2015

Praying Into

     When we look around at what is happening in the world, our natural man is tempted to want to "do something" and "do it now." We shoot emails informing those who may not know, so they can know. Somehow we think knowledge in and of itself can save the day. It's only normal to try and change things when we see what we have known related to a good life slowly slipping away. Helplessness is a hard pill to swallow. I am convinced, however, that our mostly political actions are of no effect. There is a bigger man behind the curtain than any of our attempts can stand up against, and it seems lately that he is gaining ground.
     So, what should we do? Just sit there and let it happen? No. We pray into all that God stands for despite what is going on. When someone sees evil being done, it is very difficult to turn away from it and not respond. Again, I am suggesting, even imploring God's family to pray for His heart's desire of restoration, salvation, deliverance, cleansing, redemption and completion. Even in the midst of what the enemy is doing, and especially because of what he is doing.
     God's plans and purposes will be done, no doubt about it. Our temptation is to look at the things we can see, and either sin to cope, or put our trust in ourselves, our governments, or other people or things. That has always been the temptation. Even when things were going well in the Garden, the temptation that was met with failure was to live life apart from God. How much more tempting when everything is falling apart.
     When we become more a part of the realm of spirit than of this temporal realm of sight, we will have broken through the veil and be enabled by His power to live a life of true faith. The evil around us will not turn our heads to the right or the left, as we will look squarely into His face and see eternity, and remain undistracted by anything else around us. It is well with my soul. Selah.


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