Great and Unsearchable Things

Things the Lord gives me, and then I write them.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Can You Perceive It?

     The following words were given by revelation from the Spirit of God. Some of them, I found to be staggering; others spirit expanding. I post this with fear and trembling:

"Just as Christ was made "manifest" when He was born into this earth, although He already existed before that in the spiritual realm, His sons too, will be made manifest, and are being manifested little by little. Since in time eternal, they already are perfected (conformed to His image and One with the Son and the Father in unity) they are being perfected in earth time present and will continue to be. It involves a separation of who are His Sons, and who just say that they are. The sword of God first separates between the joint and marrow in His Sons and then between them and other people, (can include severing relationships) which may happen simultaneously, with one action affecting the other. Christ already identifies His family by "those who do the will of my Father." The manifestation will be seen by His Sons and most of  creation, along with the church of the First born (Heb. 12:22-24), but deception will cover the eyes of those who are not His, and they will not see this happening until God opens their eyes at the judgment, unless they repent and submit to Him and His will before that time. Those who are deceived will judge others "after the flesh" seeing in others what they determine is "good and evil" instead of by the spirit of God. However, the Holy Spirit continues to press His weight of conviction on the blind ones hoping they will turn and be saved, but this too, has an expiration date. The longer they reject Him, by living their own lives and satisfying their own fleshly wills and lusts, the harder it becomes to return, due to lack of spiritual sight.  The prodigal son was only a son because He returned to the Father's house. He was able to come to the end of himself, and his sight returned. We can refuse the grace of God and be rejected by our own doing. God allows us to determine our own standing with Him. This manifestation is simply Christ in us taking the pre-eminence as  result of us complying with our own flesh being destroyed by His work, and of His Presence coming forth in and through us as a result. As time goes on, His light in us and in other crucified Sons will shine brighter and brighter, so that His plans and purposes will be done."


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