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Monday, December 22, 2014

Death That Brings New Life

     When one speaks of "dying to self" as God tells us to do in His Word, I believe it is to be a very practical thing. Offering ourselves as a living sacrifice results in us "choosing" in each and every situation that comes up in our day to glorify Him. Of course, this "choosing" can only be done in the power of the Spirit; certainly not in our self-willed flesh.
     Can I give an example from my life yesterday? Because God had kept my awareness alive of "dying to self" throughout the day, I was able to identify when this was being challenged, or should I say, when I was being tempted to have my own way. My husband and I had some confusion over what he was going to do, and what he told me he would do, which would affect our plans to do something for others. When he divulged to me that he had to go to a pre-planned meeting, although he had said he would be available for our plans too, my emotions skyrocketed and exclaimed great displeasure about this. He responded too from his fleshly emotions, raised his voice at me, and left the room to go take a shower. During this grace period, I knew the Lord had brought us both, I prayed that He would have His way regardless of our former plans, and that I would be accepting of them, knowing that the main thing was to bring Him glory, and so I opened my will up to the plans being changed.
     When my husband came out of the shower, he sat in his recliner, and we talked about what had transpired in our conversation earlier that day concerning our plans. It seems that he had thought his appointment was earlier in the day, and that it wouldn't interfere with our plans. Then he laid out a plan where our son would fill his place for a short time, and he would come later and complete our plan together. I explained how I had relied on him to carry out a part of the plan, because I didn't feel comfortable doing it. I said that he was much more able to do it. After having my say, I accepted his plan for a temporary substitute, and I believe in this, God was glorified. I had died to the perfect plan I had created, and opened myself up to a new way to have it accomplished.
     That is an anatomy of an example of "dying to self." Did it hurt? Yes, it hurt and hopefully killed, and brought to new life, a piece of my soul. This process of "soul redemption" happens daily if we are opened to it, and if we rely on His power in us to do it. As the process continues, His life comes forth in us and is seen through us to the praise of His glory, which is one of His great purposes for our lives on this earth!!!!


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