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Friday, December 05, 2014

I Cast Out the Spirit of Christmas In Jesus Name!

     I was led of the Lord the other day to stand in the gap on behalf of so many who are blind, and cast out the Spirit of Christmas from the mind, wills and emotions of everyone in Shreveport, La. This may be a surprising statement to most of you, because most of the time, one thinks of Christmas as being a "good" thing.
     Well, the Spirit of Christmas is an unclean spirit that has been successful in supplanting the Spirit of God in believers and nonbelievers alike. Anything that is full of ritualistic activity (many call "tradition") which someone is consumed with, which produces a euphoric high, coupled with spiritual justification (Jesus is the reason for the season, or we're just celebrating the birth of Jesus) and with money driving the whole thing, is a full-blown unclean spirit that the souls of men need deliverance from. And so, I did it.
     After that I started to notice if anything had changed in the natural. I sensed a small subduing of this "spirit" but nothing of any great significance. That didn't mean it was still present, but that only in God's timing would the complete manifestation happen.
     What I did notice though was that I was completely free of it. It's been about 10 plus years now since my husband and I have not celebrated christmas, due to the revelation God has shown us concerning it. Each year, though, during this time of the year, I am tempted to once again take of this drug. In the past, I always have done a very little something. Last year, I had a centerpiece that was more "winter" than "christmas," I told myself, and I did a little "winter" decorating in the garden too. But this year, I am totally free. I am not even wanting to do anything, and don't feel bad about it. It feels good.
     Let judgment begin in the house (the people) of God, and let it begin with me.


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