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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Teaching "Soldiers of the Cross" offered

     The Lord has given me understanding on several truths in His Word on the subject of "setting the captives free," and I have written a teaching about it called, "Soldiers of the Cross."
     It is for mature Christians, or ones who desire to become mature, meaning you agree to go through the cross of Christ, letting Him crucify your flesh, so that He can arise in and through you. This very painful process of self-denial is the dying process of "I" so that the living Christ can emerge. When He puts us on His path of becoming One with us (as we allow Him to) we then begin to operate like Him in the ministry He came to bring of "setting the captives free." This not only releases individual people to receive Him and more of Him, but also advances the Kingdom in the process. Christ alone, and through His sons and daughters, work together for this end: taking back the world and it's people from the enemy, and removing hindrances and blockages from His own people too. He is restoring all things.
     This  teaching explains the basis for all of this, which encourages and motivates His sons and daughters to "war" in confidence, knowing that it has already been won. Understanding what really did happen at the cross is paramount to being a good soldier, and one who goes forward and doesn't look back.
      I haven't made it into a booklet yet, but if anyone would like to read the entire manuscript of about 45-50 pgs., I will send it to you by email attachment. Contact me if you are interested;


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