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Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Enemies' Intent to Destroy is Thwarted!

     There are, I believe, some merits to being a "tattle tale." Let me explain. Yesterday, I had a hell-filled day. I say that because the enemy came at my mind like a machine gun, with one fear-filled and self-hating thought after another, and I feel prey to them. As he presented each thought, I experienced it as if it was my own, and during the process of it, I thought these thoughts and feelings were mine on one level. But, at the same time, deep inside of me, I realized they were not mine, but the enemies' planting of them in me. It was an odd thing.
     I decided to write down everything I was feeling and thinking and the time that it was happening. It was a chronology of the enemies' attack and the effect it was having on me. I knew that I was going to send it by email to a couple of people whose discernment and wisdom that I trusted for them to "evaluate." The question I posed to them was what they made of it. Was it the enemy or me? And if me, was I crazy, mentally ill, bad or possessed? Was I even saved? These questions are hard to ask and the answers I asked could be devastating if they were against me and if they were true and I believed them. But, I risked it anyway. Anything to help me either cope with this torment if it happened again, or to encourage me if this was normal fare for a Christian. Nonetheless, I brought it all into the light, and it is this exposure that I believe had the most benefit.
     If we hide what satan is doing to us and in us (his devices) to protect ourselves from others' judgments about us, we are, in effect, protecting him; kind of like harboring a criminal. Once we realize it is him that is attempting to destroy us, and not us, we can boldly "tell on him" by telling others in the Body in hopes to garner support. And sure enough, I got support from a brother and the episode passed. He told me that God used all of it to burn up our dependencies of anything in us except on Him alone. Now, that was comforting. If all of this is about our flesh being burned up with the result of seeing God more clearly and getting closer to Him and more One with Him, it is worth the pain involved. No cross, no resurrection! So, praise be to God at the pain and suffering I went through yesterday. May it comfort you too, to know when the enemy comes in like a flood, like he did in me, God will raise up a standard against him and He will use it for His glory. Amen


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