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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Letting God's Love Cast Out the "What-If" Demon

     The "what-if" demon uses the imagination of a person and carries to it's potentially ultimate destructive end in a situation. He presents scenarios to the mind saying, 'what if this, what if that'? That person may have the gift of discernment, but then satan highjacks that gift, perverts it, and causes untold confusion, disharmony, fear and turmoil for them personally, and in their relationships.
      What is the answer then to be free of it's control? Bottom line is to trust God. Knowing that statement is true is one thing; living it is another. What are the things in a person that hinders them from trusting Him?
      Fear can even extend to "fear of trusting Him." If I do, the "what-if" demon says, He may let you down or make a fool out of you. I mean, God helps those who help themselves. Right? (Of course, this is totally false.) God helps those who trust Him by surrendering to Him. A broken and contrite spirit He will not despise, His Word says; not someone who is self-sufficient and who attempts to control their lives and others too.  
      This devious demon does anything he can to undermine the character of God in our eyes, tempting us to doubt His love and care for us, so that we will shore-up our own resources of self-protection, which separates us from Him. Again, it's the Garden of Eden scenario when satan offered "freedom" and put that wedge between God and man. Basically, satan was saying that God is not to be trusted in His love, wisdom and guidance, and so you have to take things into your own hands, and he continues to say that to us today by suggesting the "what-if" fearful scenarios into our minds. Refusing to "go there" in our minds is one aspect of our deliverance.

Oh, for grace to trust Him more!!! Do it, God, in me.


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