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Sunday, September 07, 2014

Breaking UnGodly Soul Ties

     The need to break ungodly soul ties in our relationships is more important to our relationship with God than we might think. When we are tied to others in these ways it not only brings destructive connections which harm us and the ones we are tied to, but also it gives away parts of ourselves that only belong to God. God is jealous for our complete devotion and hearts.
     How can we identify if we have these soul ties? Are you connected to someone by fear, living up to their expectations, control, guilt, or any other self-protective means? Do you feel superior to someone because you are supplying emotionally what you believe they are getting from you? Do you believe in any way that another person couldn't survive without you? Is there manipulation involved in the relationship that you respond to, fearing if you didn't, the relationship would no longer exist? Do you believe you have to be someone else or act in a certain way or the relationship would end? These are just a few examples of how soul-ties affect our behavior.
     How do I break these connections if I see that I am tied to others in these ways? Well, first of all, the connections are of the soul, or invisible. So, they must be broken before God in proclamation. When we honestly want any and all things that prevent our total consecration with God to be removed, this declaration before Him will come to pass. How He does this on the inside of us is a mystery, as is all of His unseen work. Somehow, someway, He begins to disassemble and disarm those things in us that have created those connections with others, and overtime, we will begin to see the manifestation of this in our actions and in new ways we are relating with them. Sometimes, this will mean a break in the relationship, and other times it will be a drastic change in how we relate to them. However His working in us is displayed, it will be good, as He rearranges and makes new and in balance "us" first on the inside, and then the relationships we are involved with. In the process, we then become more and more "ONE" with Him, as we desire to be and as He desires.
     Praying with sincerity for God to search us and know us and letting Him see if there is any wicked ways in us, opens the door to Him to come in and show us these soul-ties which have held us back from giving ourselves totally to Him. "Our God is a consuming fire," and it's a good thing He is, as He consumes our flesh and all the damage our flesh does, such as in establishing destructive soul-ties. It's an illness that interferes with Him being the only God that is before us. Heal me, O God, and I will be healed.


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