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Monday, September 01, 2014

The Righteousness of God

      As far as our identity and growth, "Christ in us" answers all questions. How can we be "the righteousness of God" and of course, the Scriptures answer that by saying it is "through Christ Jesus." Because He mysteriously lives in us, it is Him who is righteous, and so God sees that righteousness when He looks at us. It is His righteousness and nothing to do with us.
    That is the reason we need to let Him take dominion in and over us, by letting Him crucify us daily. In our flesh dwells no good thing, but in Him dwells all of the Godhead bodily, which is His righteousness. "Nevertheless, not I, but Christ" if we let Him have that dominion. If not, will the righteousness of God be applied to us? Or would God see "no good thing"? 


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