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Friday, October 17, 2014

He Severes Relationships

     "I came not to bring peace, but to divide", says the Lord. Relationships in these times are being severed with the sword of the Lord. Intentionally, He is doing this to protect His own from the pollution in others.  He is purifying His Bride, and cleansing her from every spot and blemish she formerly had whether it be from the darkness she picked up from the world, her sin nature, or, in this case, others' influence. It is an act of Grace to deliver His sons and daughters from the plagues and poisons that others carry. Once we can see this, we can let go of those relationships quickly.
    Sometimes other people will stop a relationship with you, and you may wonder why this happened? It seems totally out of the blue, and hard to comprehend. It may be God protecting you from them instead of something explainable that you did. Grace comes in many colors, and one of them is displayed by His protection and keeping power from relationships that are harmful to His purposes for you of being conformed into the image of Christ.


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