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Friday, December 19, 2014

Touch My Heart, Lord

     I am getting ready to have heart surgery. Not the physical kind, but the spiritual. After reading part of the book, "Ask Your Heart" by Dixie Lea Hunnings, I am hearing God beckoning me to STOP any and all inner activity and to let Him do this for me. I stand amazed that the parts of my heart that I have hidden due to past hurts and misunderstandings, has more to do with my overall struggling and relationships than I have known or thought. I had always just believed it was the renewing of my mind that needed done. While that is entirely true, could it be that we have defined our minds incorrectly, and that we have a mind of the heart? "As a man thinketh in His heart, so is he," says God's word. This indicates that our hearts do "think." If our minds were just renewed, it would be a sterile, and flat life, much like a robot. But  when the minds of our hearts are renewed, Life full of love, warmth and joy result! I am always stunned when God brings me new light which supplants the old; when He replaces our false beliefs with His Truth.

     I don't know how this surgery will take place. All I can do is "abide in Him" and let Him take the lead into this strange, but wonderful place He has for me to go, knowing that He will be right there with me. I know it has something to do with Loving myself and loving others though. I sense that it will help me come out of isolation and not be afraid to "be myself," nor fear others. Right now, I can't see clearly, but I am willing because I know that He will lead my besides green pastures, and that He will restore my soul, and that I will lack no good thing. Who would resist that? Someone with broken heart pieces would, like me before. But not now. I take His hand, as a little girl, and let Him "walk with me and talk with me," for He loves me so. He even calls me by my name.


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