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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Spirit Arise and Let His Enemies in Us Be Scattered!!!

     Our souls war against our spirits. What a statement! Until our spirit takes dominion in us there is a part of us that wants it destroyed. These parts in our souls, which does this warring, are the parts that have not yet been brought to the cross. They are alive and are against the Spirit of God through our spirit from coming forth; much like the anti-Christ wants to destroy Christ in us, himself.
     What is our answer to this dilemma? Of course, Paul gives the answer when he realized his own problem of the internal war. Thank God for Jesus Christ he says! Christ resides in the being of those who believe and have submitted to Him, and so we can be assured that He has won this war and will win, if we will but enter into it by offering our "souls" for their destruction; living sacrifices.
     The satanic input through our unredeemed souls has access to us to try and bring about our coming forth as God's sons and daughters. Influences through the technology we expose ourselves to, relationships that are soul-based, and through us "living for self" instead of "unto God" gain access and strength. That is why it is of utmost importance for us to seek Him to show us what and how we must make changes, by His strength to close the doors to these satanic influences. They affect us more than we know. In fact, our "un-knowing" could be due to him already impacting us and has caused our lack of discernment.
    Please, brothers and sisters, take this to God and ask for His revelation about all of this. It could be the difference between you living your life as an "earthling" or of coming forth as His sons and daughters, for all to see His glory.


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