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Friday, January 02, 2015

The Releasing of Life

      Do you ever think that you don't have enough love inside of you? Well, guess what? You're wrong. If you have received new Life through Jesus Christ, He dwells in you and He brought His Love with Him, for He is Love. This Love is enough to make you whole and enough to touch and bring healing to those you have contact through you. Of course, it's not your love, but His.
     If we are assessing our own love, we would be correct to think that we don't have enough. We don't have enough, and we don't even have the right kind. Ours is limited, His is not. Ours is self-centered; His is not.
     But, good news-we can release His Love, and in doing so, our love melts like wax. Let God arise and let His enemies' be scattered! Hallelujah!!!
     As we abide in Him, His very life blood flows to our soul and makes gold out of everything in it's path!!! Believe this, Know this, Embrace this!!!
     Isn't it good news that His Light dispels the darkness?  That His Grace offers pardon and release? That His purity makes all things pure that it comes in contact with? That His splendor turns the hearts of men? That His holiness washes away sin? That His Love wins? That love is in you. Let it go, and in doing so you can "stand back and watch the glory of God!"


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