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Thursday, January 22, 2015

No More "Eating on the Run"

     Last week the Holy Spirit shook up my routine. We were visiting friends out of state, and I found myself in one of their bedrooms, "communing with Christ." Let me explain.
     The lady we stayed with always got alone with the Lord first thing in the morning. So because she did that, I decided to do the same thing. When I sat down on the fouton will my cup of coffee, and "met" with Him, He seemed to say in my spirit, "I'm so glad you came." It was the most lovely and long-overdue meeting. I didn't realize how long, until that moment.
     I have been operating on the basis and belief that because He lives in me, I didn't need to get alone with Him thinking that wouldn't make a difference. Oh, how wrong I was!!!! It is the difference between eating on the run and calmly sitting down to a beautiful banquet; the difference between walking around and swallowing food you don't even taste, and enjoying each succulent bite. The difference between being defeated throughout the day, and seeing Him overcoming through you.
     Now, each morning I meet Him first, to "eat of Him and drink of Him," and oh, what a satisfying meal He is. Whether He serves His love, His Wisdom or His Revelation, each moment with the Bread of Life is fulfilling. Nothing satisfies but Him!!! And it is from the substance of who He is, that all good things in and through me comes. This life I am experiencing in this morning meal does things in me I don't even know about, but I know I am absorbing all the nutrition that is Him in my spirit.
     He bids us to "Come to the Table" and eat. When we do in expectant humility, He serves a meal which will result in us never being the same again. I recommend Him as a 5-star restaurant. Try Him-you'll see.


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