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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

His Love is Greater than Wine!!!

         God can speak to your life personally through the written Word by His Spirit. I hope you don't misunderstand me. I am not saying that what He speaks to me is what He will speak to you through that same passage. I am saying that He is such a miracle working, all-knowing God, and is so in tuned with what is going on with each one of His children that He can use His Word to speak to them to bring life to light!
     Let me tell you what He told me today. I've been meditating on His love and wanting to know more and more about it. I've also had a temptation to drink wine to subdue any bad feelings that I don't want to experience. So, these two things have been happening on the inside of me, and God has known that.
     Yesterday, in my time alone with Him, I expressed my regret over sins I had committed years ago, and whose reaping I was still experiencing. I knew He had forgiven me, but the reaping (consequences) was still a painful reminder of them, and that made me sad; especially the hurts I had caused others I love, and to see them still struggle in their own lives because of that.
     This morning my husband and I yelled at each other, and he walked out the door. It was my fault. I started it, because he told me I would have to do something that was very uncomfortable for me and something that I didn't know how to do, and I had thought he could do it for me, but he couldn't. So, when he left the house, I was still mad (even though it was my fault, I wanted to blame it on him) and so I went back to the room where I was communing with the Lord before this happened. I told myself, "you better get back in there" because of this argument we got in. I was saying to myself that apparently I didn't get enough of God, and I needed to get more so that I wouldn't act like such a heathen in the future.(I think even the dogs were upset, because I don't think they've ever seen us do that.)
     I noticed as I sat down on the couch, that I did not have that "guilty-something bad is going to happen" feeling that I have had so many times before after I had sinned, and I questioned myself about it. "Am I losing my conscience? Do I not care if I just yelled at my husband? What about a contrite heart? Where is that?" In my spirit, though, I was receiving a different revelation. God was showing me His love linked with forgiveness which is ever flowing from the throne of grace to me.  God already knows me and that I am always sorry when I "sin" against Him, and so He immediately removed the shame of my sin, and let His mercy flow through me to show me more of His great love in experience.
     Then I glanced over at my Bible sitting on the couch. It was opened to Song of Solomon, and my eyes went to the word "love," and I immediately picked it up and began to read. "We will praise your love more than wine" it said. More than wine? Now what  could that possibly mean?" I thought.  As I was going to my computer to "google" that passage to possibly get some insight, it hit me. God was talking to me directly. He was saying, "Patti, I've just shown you and let you feel how my love for you is linked directly with forgiving you, without you experiencing the shame, because I took that from you on the cross. I wanted you to see that it is better than turning to wine to try and numb those feelings, instead of letting me impart my love to you when you do sin, by forgiving you. Wine is temporary, and my love, which includes my forgiveness "washes you whiter than snow." Natural wine will stain in more ways than just your garments. If you turn to it to numb the pain of your sins,  the sin will stain your heart by remaining there, but the New Wine of my Spirit will wash it away."
     Wow!!!! You mean God can communicate all of that from one little passage? Yes, and He does if we will only listen. He will speak the language we understand to each one of us individually.  As you read His Word, listen for His voice to bring revelation from His Spirit to yours. Truly, His love is more (greater, better, richer,) than wine!!!!!



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