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Friday, May 25, 2012

Being Filled to Overflowing

     Lately in my life, it seems like everything and everyone that ever gave me even one ounce of satisfaction is being stripped away. And it's not a turning 60 crisis! In fact, I think the Lord is showing me that He is doing it and has been for several years now, so that He will truly be my all in all. He is wanting my mind, my will and my emotions to be totally tied to Him alone. And it's working. Because other things and people are becoming stale to me, He waits and offers Himself as the Bread of Life for my consumption. Starving people will eat!
     Isn't it strange how God  uses circumstances, negative and positive, and even people's rejection or abandonment of us, to get us where we need to be? Again, another reminder that He is controlling our lives and is very good at doing it. He manuevers things so that we get what we really need, and that is His love and acceptance. NOTHING else and NO ONE else can do that!!
      Sorry, girls, if you have been thinking that if only a certain type guy would ask you to marry him than all would be well. And sorry, guys, if you think that if you landed that certain job with a certain salary or a certain position, you'd have it made. Nope, we are living souls who can be filled only by the Holy Spirit of God as He ministers His grace and love to us. All other ground is sinking sand!
     And how many times do we have to sink? Seven, Ten, One-hundred one, or a thousand? I know in my head that all pain would be gone, if I'd only surrender totally and fall into the arms of Jesus. Why won't I? I guess the pain from me trying my ways has not been sever enough. Or, I'm just stupid. Hey, now that's an idea!
     Well, in my stupidity, God is still faithful. If I won't budge, then He will budge everything around me, and make me (so to speak, as I've got no other choice then) trust Him by default. Oh, that's sad, isn't it? But, He knows and helps us in our frailities. And am I glad! I have really given it the old bulging neck artery effort to make my way, and to fill my own needs. TILT!!!!
     Thank God, God is God and is All-powerful, All-knowing and All-loving inspite of me, and He can and does get me where I need to be. I pray that I will trust Him more and more and realize who He really is and stop all my efforts to take care of me, and let Him truly be my Father.


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