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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

As I Follow Christ

     Who are you being "led" by? Of course, on the most basic level, we, as Christ-followers, are led by the Holy Spirit of God. But God also gives us human examples, in the Body of Christ,  to follow in our walk with God. And it's not the same person, at all times.
     Paul said to follow him as He followed Christ. Then there's the picture of Jesus Himself, being the supreme, servant leader as He washed the feet of His disciples. Throw in the fruits of the Spirit listed in Galatians, and read over the definition of Love in I Cor.13, and you will have enough guidelines to compose a picture of who to "follow." That doesn't mean you adore or worship any human being, but only that God has put people and their fruits in your path to paint a picture for you to "emulate" or "this is the way, walk in it." So, people in and out of our lives are actually used by God, even unknowingly to them, for us to be able to see Christlikeness manifested. Making an icon out of certain people and worshipping them, as if they were righteousness personified is not God's way, as we know that the source of anything of true value in these "earthen vessels" is only the light of Christ anyway.
     My husband and I have gone to India, two times already. When we go there, we are received with so much love. The saints there, especially in the immediate family we are welcomed in to, demonstrate more servanthood and humility than I have ever seen. This makes me want to go more so that I can be "exposed" to a picture of Christ's heart in His Body. I NEED to see that often to encourage me along the way of Life.
     Than there are others God has used in my life to show me pictures of "motherhood" in the Lord, or "families" in the Lord, or even "women of God", shown by the fruit that is displayed through them. I don't necessarily tell the people how God has used them to help me see Him, unless led by the Spirit to do so. These examples, though, have been the true "leaders" in my life, as I attempt to follow them as they follow Christ. It's the true ecclesia of God in action. 

P.S.-In what is manifest in the natural realm, we need to be careful, by listening to the discernment of the Spirit in what we think we see. God tells us that there are also followers of satan who masquerade as "angels of light," and so we are to check what spirit people are from. Another important consideration is if that person is established in the truth. That also, is by the discernment of the Spirit, if we will but surrender to it by not trusting in our own perceptions, but in His. Submission to Him in this is in asking Him. If we do, than no problem. Our God will keep us from falling.


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