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Saturday, October 23, 2010

A Matter of Opinion?

      Recently, I sent out an email asking people I know if they wanted me to continue to inform them when I  wrote a new post on my blog. One of the responses, said that although they didn't necessarily agree with all my opinions, that they wanted to see how other Christians saw things, and remain open and teachable, suggesting that "yes" they would like to continue to be informed. They went on to say that when we get to heaven, that we probably would find that  Jesus would tell us that many of our opinions were wrong anyway. 
     Brothers and sisters in God's great family: I don't write this blog to give my opinion. In fact, I don't even care what my opinion is, if it's not based on the truths in God's heart. This isn't a commentary; a point/counterpoint kind of thing. That would be a complete waste of time.  I'm not saying at all that every word I write is pure truth; that would be arrogant of me, and wrong. But, what I am saying is that during my day, God drops things in my spirit, and yes, they do go through my mind, and then I write them down to share. Knowing you have the Spirit of Truth in you , I trust that you inquire of Him as to whether or not what is truth and what is not. I could have a portion of truth, and you, in your comments, can add another dimension to that truth. We do, as God's children, have the mind of Christ, and, as we grow in Christ we see things clearer and clearer according to what is in His heart. If we give our opinions, and they are from our carnal thinking, they are first of all devilish and sensual says God in His Word. So, opinions are not even what we are after in the Body of Christ. We are after Truth, and that is in who God is and in what His understanding is. That's all that matters.  In all your getting, get understanding.
      Denominational doctrines were formed out of men's opinions about the Word,  and the reason their followers are stuck in a preconcieved mode is that they think they've found the truth, (those tenets of faith) and they haven't even inquired of God's Holy Spirit as to what He meant by His Word; they've blindly accepted what have been handed down by their forefathers. So, if what I write is solely my opinions, I beg of you to reject them wholeheartedly. I could put a whole lot of Scripture references to what I write to try and "prove" they are indeed truth, but I'll trust the Spirit of Truth (which will lead us into all truth) to reveal truth and error to you, and then you decide. If the Spirit shows you that I am wrong in things that I say, it's not that you just "disagree", it's that I am in error!! Opinions are based on man's thinking apart from God, and is really a dirty word of sorts, and one if which we don't want to engage in.
     Of late, I have heard people say, "well, I just don't see it that way." Who cares how we see it? How does God see it? Isn't He truth, and doesn't He define and explain it? He says in His Word that there will come a time , when no man will teach us. Could He mean that in our walk with Him, we are to seek His judgements and ways from the Spirit alone? Even if we hear or read a teaching about God from man, we are to ask Him if this is truth or not, and walk in the ways He alone directs.
    I hope this is not making a mountain out of a molehill, (in your opinion) but something stirred in me with that dreadful word "opinion." It almost represents to me when man built the tower of Babel; acknowledging self accomplishments, talents, ideas, and yes, opinions (how we see it) without God. You could say, "well, that's just her opinion." Have you asked God about it? Maybe it is; God forbid, and maybe it's not. Maybe He wants to show us something through what He has given me to write. You'll never know until you ask. And you still might not then, if you haven't let God burn away your self-will, because then you'll just "hear God" through the filter of your own lusts. Then, again, that's another post.      


  • At 10/24/2010 3:27 PM , Blogger Neil Girrard said...

    Dear all,

    Patti’s friend wrote:
    >when we get to heaven…we probably would find that Jesus would tell us that many of our opinions were wrong anyway.

    There is another alternative – when we get to heaven, Jesus won’t have to teach us much of anything because we have taken the time - NOW in this lifetime - to sit quietly at HIS feet to learn HIS “opinions” – HIS truth, wisdom, knowledge, spiritual insight, etc.

    This would enable us to quietly come together with one another and be of like mindedness, have the same opinions and judgments and speak the same words (as Paul commands us to be –
    1 Corinthians 1:10-12) because, instead of clinging to our own OPINIONS (which even the world knows what those things are worth – next to nothing), we can cling to HIS truth, righteousness and light.

    Almost all of our “church” problems would simply disappear (probably within less than a year) if we would all just stop being so religiously busy, park ourselves at HIS feet, learn to sit and listen QUIETLY there, set everything we think we know on HIS “shelf” and not walk away with any “knowledge” or “opinions” until we KNOW that we have learned from HIM what HE would have us know. Indeed the most and worst of our problems stem from our having learned “spiritual” things from men and not from the Man Christ Jesus.

    When we feed from men, our spiritual diet is meager at best, almost certainly contaminated and in many cases outright poisoned. Even when teachings are “pure” or “right on” (which we must honestly admit that they rarely are), if that is the whole of our spiritual diet, they can only succeed in keeping us in spiritual infancy. (
    Hebrews 5:13-14)

    Food for thought.

    In His love,


  • At 11/13/2010 11:35 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Keep writing Patti. Good stuff! Speak the truth and seek the truth. It isn't easy, especially in our world today. We do get handed down so many things from others and so many people say so many things it is sometimes hard for the believer to distinguish the truth from the lies. I think it is evident that we are truly in the last days. That's what I've been thinking about lately. False prophets. We have so many of them in the church, and perhaps that's where your friend got the idea that this is your opinion, and that is somebody else's and so on. There is so much false teaching seeping into the church it is scary. However, I think we still will have some wrong thinking until we get to heaven. I mean, can we ever be pure in our thoughts completely, until we are in heaven? (But I don't think that's what your addressing here.). Anyway, keep sharing what the Lord leads!

  • At 11/13/2010 11:36 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    oops...the sweatlife. haha..that was me, Brooke, Patti. It's a long story but I can explain someday!! :)


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