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Friday, October 08, 2010

We must obey God, and not Man

     As this walk with the Lord goes forward, I am finding that the path is getting more and more perilous. He asks more of us as maturing children, and the cost becomes higher. He's shown me that I have, in the name of being nice or hospitality even, have appeased man, and have neglected to follow what He has asked me to do, say and be. I suppose many of us have done that. This has become a pattern in my life, and one in which I have subconsciously followed, in order to attempt to secure my relationships. And, some of these relationships are the very ones the Lord is trying to pry me from, as they were not based on truthfulness. I have unwittingly made agreement with the perceptions of others by being silent, letting the lie I know they see grow to bigger proportions because I didn't present the truth.  He has let the turmoil in me build up due to my silence so that I would not be able to remain silent anymore, no matter the cost. Many times we try to serve God from a safe place, which is really an oxymoron as we put ourselves in a dangerous and vulnerable place when we (consciously or unconsciously) refuse His voice. Lord, help me and forgive me. 
Recently, I didn't keep silent but I presented the truth in an email to a friend. I counted the cost. I could lose her friendship forever. I am hoping that she will receive the truth and be set free from many delusions she operates in. I am willing to lose her friendship for the joy of following my Savior's will. 
Appeasement=Compromise. Lord, help me stay with you, no matter what.


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