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Monday, January 10, 2011

Marriage and Entering the Kingdom

     God said that it is through many tribulations that we will enter the Kingdom of God. Entering the Kingdom suggests being "one" with the Kingdom's ways, or with that of her King. As in marriage we are called on to "become one." So what does one have to do with the other?
      Does becoming one in marriage mean that one of the partners (usually thought of as the wife traditionally) has to do the will of the other at all times, or does it mean that both are to submit under God's will first and then all will eventually fall into place?  Think about it. If one person is totally submissive to the other in a marriage, then does that mean they are one, or that they are in a God-honoring marriage? It could just mean that one is more passive than the other, or afraid and so they are "going along" to self-protect, and , if that's the case, what work on the inside has been done then? It just turns out to be a "coping" device.But, if both let God work His work of tendering us and disciplining us so that we will bend us to His way and will, then won't the result of that glorify God because it has been His work (by us yielding to it) and not ours? There really is a fine line there, but one that, if we use the spiritual eyes He's given  us, we can clearly see.
     Now the question becomes, What will this process in our marriage look like? CLOSE YOUR EYES CAUSE IT'S NOT A PRETTY SIGHT!!!! It is soul-wrenching, full of pain and hardship, and yes, tribulation. God uses the tension and differences in our marriage to 1) help us see our ugliness, and to 2) run to Him for repair and restoration. I'm sure there are many others uses, but these are enough.
    Some may ask, "well, when we see the 'perfect' marriage" doesn't that honor God? Isn't that the goal to go for? Well,for one thing, many of those "perfect" marriages are just for show, with only external actions going for them. Sometimes it just comes down to who are the best actors and actresses. The behind closed doors, and even deeper than that, behind closed hearts, is where the truth lies. And, only God really knows that.
     Many times our deep disappointments with our spouses (because we didn't get our needs met that we thought we would die if we didn't) are the very things God uses to drive Him into His arms as the only One who can truly meet our needs, and is the only One who truly understands us.
     But, what of the marriage in which both partners let God work in them individually, no matter the heartache, no matter the pain, til death do them part? All the struggling, all the heartache, all the frustration, all the "long row to hoe" in being long-suffering and patience (as He works on the other one, as well as oneself) will produce a marriage raised up in heaven, and will one day, if we faint not, bear fruit to everlasting righteousness for all to see. In this way, as Jesus layed down his will for the Father in the Garden, and shed blood doing it, we, as His Bride, will do the same to lay ours down, for His name sake. (Keep in mind, though, that it is only by the power of His Spirit that we can do that) Then the "sons of God" will be made manifest, on earth as it in in Heaven.

So, don't be surprised at the fiery trial you are going through even in your marriage, for two wills becoming one produces fire at first, but then forges beautifully together. To God be the Glory!!!

(P.S.- I honestly believe you have to chose for Him to work in you by telling Him so, or the only thing that will be developed in you is a stronger self-will. Oh, woe to us if that is so!)


  • At 1/11/2011 6:04 PM , OpenID butterfingersforbreakfast said...

    very true! Sometimes, when things are good you don't realize so much all that God needs to do in you, but then there are times when it all comes out and you realize you were putting your hope in the wrong place. At least that's for me!


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