Great and Unsearchable Things

Things the Lord gives me, and then I write them.

Sunday, February 14, 2021

Egypt Corrupts

 Accepting God’s Will and Sovereignty against our own fleshly desires and reasoning is a lifelong, arduous work in progress. Although it is His work, our will must acquiesce to it; submit to it, and then obey. 

“The Spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.” I have seen the flesh battling with the Spirit or Will of God, and escalating as it attempts to survive, in my own life, and now, universally, as people try to take matters in their own hands to try and stop the increasing evil around us, especially in America. In the name of “justice” and protecting the America we once knew, believers, in large numbers, are relying on government (and their brand of government or  political party) to save the day. God calls this “calling on Egypt,” the very place He rescued us from. The result of looking to man, or the arm of flesh to save us, has given the sin nature new life, and brought shame to Him. 

People are name calling, getting angry, and being pitted one against another, and still calling themselves His. Perhaps the rising evil is being used by God to show whose are His, and whose are not? 

Followers of Jesus are to call upon Him in the day of trouble, not put confidence in their own flesh. It is that same flesh that has corrupted us in the first place, and needed to be redeemed. Now, are we going back to our vomit of self reliance and call it saving our country? 

The question has been asked, “What are we supposed to do? Just watch and let it happen?” And the “it” is the fear of many, which is that America is turning into a socialist nation. 

Yes. Helplessness is the place Christ is wanting all of us to arrive at-admit it, and then call out to Him with whatever we are feeling helpless about. In our calling out, though, we can’t expect Him to answer in our way, although we often do. In the situation our country is in, He may allow it to go where many fear it will go if “we don’t do something.” The thing about His Sovereignty and plan though is that even if Christians get politically involved, hold rallies at the Capitol, or have fasting prayers, once God’s timeline for the endtimes is set in motion, there is nothing we can do. He is Sovereign, and His Will, will be done. 

I believe we have entered into that time frame, and as His followers we are to trust that He knows what He is doing; that His ways are just, wise, and true. We are to hunker down and rest in Him, when the storm is on the horizon. It goes against our nature, but then hasn’t the faith walk always been like that? 

Even so, come Lord Jesus. 

Thursday, June 11, 2020

The Damage of Passivity

The heartache of a person who has a passive spouse or parent is deep and real.
A passive person is a fearful person. They are afraid of rejection, so they hold back verbally and in action. Their silent withdrawal effects the ones they “secretly” love, as they interpret their behavior as aloof, non-caring, and neglectful. This can result in a spouse or child to feel a lack of connection, that they don’t even  matter, or that they are not worth loving. If the passive person is a kind person, it can complicate matters, by causing the spouse or child to experience false guilt for even having those feelings.
If the passive person doesn’t get healed, but chooses to stay in their shell, over time, the ones they “secretly” love may give up on getting the love or connection they desire and need. This could result in them rejecting the passive person; the very thing they tried to avoid and protect themselves from in the first place.
Self-protection never works in the long run. God calls us to be healed, and to be engaged with Him in this process. Although painful in itself to let down our walls, and risk trusting Him to protect and defend us, the end result, if we do, is having an opened heart where love  can flow between 2 people, and to, at least, have a chance for a strong and good relationship. If you don’t get healed, the pain you are causing your loved ones, never goes away. You thought being quiet and remaining uninvolved would show you loved them, but it only caused them pain.
Are you that passive person? You owe it to yourself, first, and then to your loved ones, to be healed. 

Sunday, June 07, 2020

No Other Gods

You are wanting to do wrong and feel good about it, but that’s not going to happen. The reason your life is full of chaos and not peace is because you are walking in unrighteousness, and you are putting other people and things before Him. He calls this idolatry. He alone is worthy of worship! Turn around! Come back to God before  it’s too late! The Holy Spirit does not strive with man forever! Honor His name by walking in righteous ways and put Him first, and He will give you peace! 
The time clock is ticking! The end is near! Will He find faith in you when He returns? 

Thursday, May 28, 2020

To Know AND To Feel

Do you feel loved by God or do you just know that you are? I lived in “the knowing” for most of my life. How could I deny it, and embrace the cross at the same time? It wasn’t possible, because this IS love,  that He laid down His life for me.
But, I didn’t feel loved because I had too many soul wounds to be healed from, and too many lies needing to be removed from my thinking.
“For God so loved the world.” As just one person in the whole wide world, it didn’t seem personal to me, because I thought of myself as only a drop in the bucket. My mind needed to be renewed in order to appreciate my own value.
“Being fearfully and wonderfully made” did not help either. I took that to mean that God was a Master craftsman (which He indeed is) and not that I was special in any way. Again, I needed my mind renewed to be able to see myself as He sees me, but the wounding and lies were blocking that reality from my view.
Reading the Word and believing it (mentally ascending to it as being true) without our mind’s being renewed, is like reading a sterile letter. If the reader is unsure of God’s love for them, then no Life is transferred, and the true meaning is lost.
After many decades of soul healing, and opening up to the Master by seeking His heart and mind in all things, I began to lay my own former perspectives down. Then, the trickle of His love began to soften my heart, until it became a steady and gently flowing stream.
The biggest thing that broke the dams in my soul was when I received a breakthrough deliverance from fear and anxiety which had plagued me for as far back as I can remember and it has been grueling. (This happened only a few weeks ago.)
This breakthrough  has been tested by many situations in my life since then, and has been found true.
One situation in particular, which was so serious with it’s potential for harm and danger, concerned someone I love dearly; my own flesh and blood. If it had happened before my breakthrough, it would have devastated me, rendering me mentally and emotionally paralyzed, from the effects of fear for a minimum of 3 days. I may have even carried it for the rest of my life! But I realized that I only had deep concern, but that I WAS NOT consumed by fear!!! And this was a miracle!!!
“Perfect love casts out fear!” I have  trusted and depended on His love for me to do this for me, and was finally beginning to see evidence of it on the inside.
Today, I can not only know He loves me, but I can feel it. In fact, I can say I carry it on the inside of me, and because of that I can know for certain that everything is going to be alright.
If you have been plagued with a wounded soul, and fear and anxiety have been your traveling companions, look to the Lord for your blessed healing and deliverance. If you have not really felt the love of God for you, and turn to Him for it, then rest assured, He’s on it!!!! He will answer your prayer, and one day, if you surrender to the process of the cleansing fire, you will come out on the other side, not just knowing, with mental ascent, but beyond a shadow of a doubt, that you are loved by your Father. You will feel like a cherished son or daughter. That, in itself, will impact the rest of your life forever and ever.

Psalm 105

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

It Was, and Now Is

A trusted and faithful brother in the Lord once advised me, by saying, “Don’t go digging in your own garden.” When he said that, I knew I had been so caught up, most of my life, in self-analysis, digging around on the inside of me, (the garden of my soul) that I understood completely what he meant. It was loving counsel to try and help me stop doing what only God can and should do.
Of course, Paul tells us to “examine ourselves” but that was to “see if we are in the faith” and not to inspect ourselves in the way that I had become accustomed. It wasn’t serving me well; in fact, it was destroying me.
My thought had been that if only I could find the error of my ways, I could change them, and then I’d be happy. (Buzzer sound!!! NOT!!!)
As Christ and His Word has grown in me, I discovered that He is the only Gardener,  who knows how to inspect fruit and reveal it to me. My only part, then, is to lay that rotten fruit at His feet in confession, and let Him change it into fresh, pretty, and nourishing fruit. I can’t do that no matter how much I think I know and see.
By nature, I love to analyze and fix things, so this has been a challenge for me. It seems like it’s been a cycle of holding on and letting go as I walk with Him. Couldn’t I just make a suggestion? Stop it!!!! Don’t dig in your garden!!! Let Him do what only He can do, and do perfectly, I tell myself.
This morning this truth was reinforced as I came across this Scripture from Heb. 10:14-“ One sacrifice He has made perfect forever those who are being made holy.”
Wow! This mind-blowing truth is awesome! He has already made me perfect at the cross. It was finished! And, at the same time, I am being made holy! The thing that was accomplished in the past, is being worked out in the present in my life! I am being made holy! Without my involvement, except to respond to what He shows me, as He walks with me and talks with me, in the Garden. What a fascinating God! What a faithful God! What a laboring God! What a loving God!
Christ in me; the hope of glory!!!! Selah. 

Thursday, April 16, 2020

The Due Date is Getting Close

Romans 8:18-23

“The whole creation groans and travails for the manifestation of the sons of God.”-Romans 8:19

Are you inwardly groaning and travailing for Christ to be fully manifest in you, through you? That He would be birthed? That the baby (His likeness) would be born/seen?

Our frustration and impatience (brought on by intense desire) are the birth pains (limitations/incompleteness) that have been put on us, so that, with that heaviness, we can, and will, in due time, throw them off into complete freedom.

The all things that “have become new” will BE manifestly new in us, the sons, who share in the DNA of His Spirit; the very essence of who He is. The pressure must get greater (birth pains harder and stronger) until He is released (realized fully) or birthed in us. The futility must fulfill it’s purpose to be lifted, and that is to increase our desire to see Him formed in us, and for the sons to be manifest!!!!

Sunday, August 04, 2019

Capturing Jesus

Matthew 26:55-“Am I leading a rebellion that you have come out with clubs and swords to capture me?”

Yes and No. Yes, He is leading a rebellion against the powers and principalities of darkness, and spiritual wickedness in high places, but the ones he was addressing here, knew nothing of this rebellion, nor could they, because that rebellion is spiritually discerned.
The crowd of people who came to arrest Him, were men of the earth, enmeshed in the physical, and the material and base things. They only saw with their natural eyes, thought with their carnal minds, and reasoned within the confines of their own limited understanding.
So, when Jesus asked them “Am I leading a rebellion?” He was speaking in their own language; He was referring to a physical rebellion, and making the point that He was not, as they could see He never brandished a weapon at that time, nor had ever done so. In this sense, Jesus was the quintessential pacifist.
Let’s step out of the physical now, and listen for the Spirit. Could He be saying that He is so present and near that we can capture Him by just opening our hearts to Him? That He is so available to us, and for us? We don’t have to restrain Him, and take Him by force! He is right here, right now, peering through the lattice (SOS 2:9) knocking at the door. “An ever present help in time of need.”-Psalm 46:1. And we need Him, every moment, beloved.
We need to meditate on His closeness to us, and be at peace in that. The Kingdom of God is within, because it’s King is resident in those who have opened the door, and have invited Him in to have blessed fellowship that only He can supply. (Rev. 3:19)
There have been many stories of those, who have called on the name of the Lord and “been saved.” (Romans 10:13) Our own story has had this same truth in one way or another. Did we have to beg, plead, or convince Him in some way (beat Him with clubs and swords) for Him to go with us? No! He comes willingly, to all who call on Him in Spirit and Truth.
Whether you are already His, and want to know Him more, or have needs only He can fulfill, and ask for these, OR whether you’ve never known Him, He waits to be “captured” as your heart humbly whispers His name.