Great and Unsearchable Things

Things the Lord gives me, and then I write them.

Friday, April 15, 2022

Let Your Light So Shine

As Christ followers, our lives should be based on His precepts which are espoused in His Word. Looking at the decisions we’ve made with our lives, we should be able to see them backed up by Scripture, if our goals are to obey Him, and bring pleasure to His heart. 

Ask God, then to reveal to you what those Scriptures are which exemplify your life, lived to His glory. Write them down. If there are none, and you discover you have been living your life based on what you want, or what the world and others tell you, repentance would be at hand. Turning from our former selfish lives, is always something we can do, if we are claiming to follow Jesus, and bring glory to our Father. If, however, you find that the life you are living is the life that honors Him, praise God, because it has only been lived through our decisions that have been empowered by His Spirit!!! 

For example, one Scripture that you may live by is “True religion is this-to take care of the widows and orphans, and to remain in spotted by the world.”-James 1:27. You could support a mission that takes care of widows and orphans, or you could do that in your own circle of family or friends. You may also be careful to not do as the world does in their values, actions and behavior; those things that may “spot” you. 

If we say we love Him, we need to keep His commandments. Otherwise, the Word of God, and God, Himself, is blasphemed. God’s desire and pleasure is to be glorified through the lives of His people. 

Thursday, November 04, 2021

A House in Disrepair

Are you polluting the Body of Christ by your disobedience, neglect, and ambivalence? Is your temple in disarray, and The Temple in ruins because of the collective disrespect we have towards Him, the Master Builder and our Chief Priest? 

When one member neglects their own temple (the place in us where God dwells) and spends their days building their own paneled houses instead, it severely impacts the Temple God is building by not only delaying it’s progress, but by making it out of alignment, and poorly built; an edifice no one would be attracted to. 

We, as living stones, look like a pile of rubble, because of our self centered and self reliant lives! By thinking we can build ourselves, because we have not yet submitted under the Master’s Hand, our temple is the laughing stock of the world, and not different from it. 

Help us, Lord. Build us, Lord. Take us to the quarry and do your work so that your Temple, that is is, will be a beautiful place of refuge, peace, love,mercy and hope that others will be drawn to in abundance!!!! 

Sunday, September 19, 2021

Immortality-The Favor of God!

 The Majesty of God is unfathomable, only revealed fully to us, when our mortality is captured by His immortality!!!! 

While it’s true we can get closer and closer on this earth in seeing Him, as we give up our will for His, but the complete unveiling is when we lose our mortal hindrances, our body and our humanness. 

1 Cor. 15:54-“ When the perishable puts on the imperishable, and the mortal puts on immortality, then shall it come to pass the saying that is written: “Death is swallowed up in victory.”

Coming soon, when all these deaths from Covid and other reasons for death, happen increasingly, the eyes of believers will begin to see more clearly, that immortality is truly God showing His favor, by this gift! Not just to be protected from the evil that is to come, but to see God’s glory face to face. It won’t just be a trite statement of “he/she is in a better place, it will be a realization that they have the advantage of “passing on” and are at home. Our crying may change from human grieving that they have gone from this earth, from our presence, to true tears of joy that they are in His presence, and that we have longer to stay here.

Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Holy Moments. Be Still.

 I imagine when the men from the East followed the star and found Jesus, that they experienced a stillness of awe! They may not have even known why,  but they knew something Holy had happened, as they starred at the child, as if God had made it known, in some part of their being. 

Today also there are Holy moments. And they may not even be in the most great of circumstances, in fact, they may be in the most awful! But, as we submit them into our Father’s hands, they then become Holy, because of who is holding them. In loving trust, we come to know that our cares, or the cares of our loved ones, are being worked out to His highest good, and that because of Him being at work, they then become Holy. And we hush, like the wise men of old, starring into the face of what God has brought forth, and continues to in our dire circumstances. Let’s see what He will do! Gaze! Trust! Rest! 

Thursday, August 05, 2021

Lazarus, Come Forth!!!


Many people have “advantage” in this world according to it’s values: beauty, riches, personality, astounding talent, know-how, charisma, intelligence, and confidence, to name a few. 

Where does that put the ones who don’t? Usually at the bottom of the pyramid just taking whatever they can get, eating the proverbial crumbs from another’s table, trying the best they can to play the cards they’re dealt, yet knowing realistically that there is no way they can win in this life. 

Blind optimists would object to this conclusion. While it may be true that someone with a profound disability may overcome their obstacles with sheer willpower, being cheered on by others who like to be entertained by these kinds of dramatic scenarios, usually the regular Joe of society remains in his humble state, feeling “less than.”

This marginal majority are the ones ripe for the good news of Jesus Christ, where the ground is level at the cross, a place, in God’s heart, where no hierarchy exists! When someone enters into a relationship with God, through Christ, they become a part of His regal family, lifted from their place in society sand into His loving arms, in the realm of spirit. This new placement from below the rest, to equal to others in His family, according to God, should elevate one’s spirit and affect how they see themselves; loved, accepted, forgiven, with a present and secure future of a life lived with God, and which has the potential to bring Him glory!!! 

If there is ever an “up from the ashes” story, this is it!!! Dead to the world, but raised in Christ!!! Resurrection Life!!!! 

Thursday, July 29, 2021

Our Riches are in Christ Jesus!!!

 In the West, American Christians in particular, (probably because of our wealth here, compared to 3rd world countries) have created a “gospel” which many refer to as “the prosperity gospel,”that teaches if you are in Christ means you will have material gain. Of course, most don’t blatantly say that, but it is implied either by using the concept of planting a seed into their ministry, and you will get money back, or in the back door approach of saying you have a “poverty mentally” if you push away the “blessings” of God, which, in this group of people, always includes money. Most of these preachers/teachers are the big names on the TV. They do the poor people a disservice by dangling the promise of money before them, if they would just plant a seed.(give their ministry money) But, more than that, they bring great dishonor to the cross of Christ, by not even teaching much, if ever, about it, If they do, they omit teaching that Him and His sacrifice is the greatest blessing of all, in fact, it is all we need. Yes, He will provide our needs, if we seek Him and His kingdom first, as He says in the Word, and we will never beg for bread, if we are truly His. 

God makes it clear that we can’t desire both Mammon (money) and Him. We have to pick one. Not to say, in His Sovereignty, He won’t decide to let some have large amounts of money, for His reasons. I believe that one of those reasons is to see if we will again offer it to Him for what He wants us to do with it. One of the things is to give to those who are without, and we do this to show the love of Christ and that He is provider. He uses His vessels (us) many times to do this. 

The prosperity cult are those who follow the prosperity teachers, who, I believe are teaching a false and heretical doctrine; maybe even a doctrine of demons. 

Western Christianity has led many astray in poor countries, through these satellite teachers, (broadcast through satellite) taking advantage of their needy condition to bring them false hope of their condition being improved. 

We don’t have to look far to see so many who are matyred around the world, to see their love of Christ where they literally lay their lives down for Him; those who have no worldly riches. These should be our example, not the ones with the leer jets, fancy jewels and possessions, all the while claiming to follow Christ, but who put Him in their back pocket. It is a travesty! 

Christ is our Pearl of great price! He is our value, and our worth! And as we walk with Him, let Him live our life through us, He will be our Jehovah Jireh, our Provider, and so many other things!!!! 

Friday, July 23, 2021


 The warfare today that is internal is the dying of the carnal mind, as we transition into the full use of the mind of Christ, and with that transition, can come a kind of fogginess. At the same time, the confusion is now being exposed for what it is, and the vestiges of the carnal mind are dying.  We must put all our cards on the table before the Lord; our former beliefs, thoughts, judgments, and discernments for His scrutiny, so that He can show us where they have come from; our carnal mind, or the mind of Christ! The carnal mind is enmity against God, and we want to let Him rid us of all hostility against Him in us, so that the mind of Christ will have the preeminence!!!! May He reign supreme in our very being; permeating every part!!!!