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Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Jesus-Hope of the Nations

     Checking my stats on what countries have viewed the blog, and I saw Malaysia for the first time, and I am excited.
     I am a nation's person. I think Jesus is too, as in "go into all the nations," and "ask of me and I will give you the nations." I love the different types of people God created. Sometimes when I'm out shopping, I take special notice of the many ethnic groups in America and I am happy that our country has opened their arms up to them. I want to talk with them, and ask them where they are from, and what brought them here and what they think of living here. I do sometimes. I hope that they feel accepted, and haven't experienced rejection and prejudice, but I fear some have.
     Did you ever stop to think that God ordained the many different groups of people to move to our country so that we could share the Gospel with them? Could it be that He is trying to tell us something, and all we can do is complain because we feel they are trying to "take over"; that they are "trampling on our rights"? Maybe it goes deeper than that. Maybe "all the world" is coming to us. Let's not be given the blessing of salvation in Jesus Christ, and judge things from an earthly and selfish perspective, and miss the Kingdom.
     Hello, Maylasia. I hope you come back. I have a souvenir from your country. A young Christian woman I know went there a few years ago, and because my husband and I helped sponsor her, she brought me something back, along with some currency. I have them both in my cabinet in my bedroom.
     God bless you, and I know your Savior. Do you?  You are loved deeply by Him.

And a big ringy-dingy for Thailand!!!  I know 2 missionary families' there, and my son has been there to help with their work 2 times. Shine, Jesus, Shine fill this land with the Father's glory! Amen.


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