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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Divine Appointments

     Last night I was watching a movie, trying to put myself to sleep, when I heard a "bling, bling" noise on my phone indicating I had a text message. When I opened it, I saw a picture of 3 beautiful black women. Realizing that someone had sent me a picture intended for someone else, I quickly texted them back and told them so.
     She texted me back, telling me "thank you." I said, "God bless you and Jesus loves you." Then before I knew it we were texting back and forth about the Lord and the things of the Lord. She told me that He had recently saved and delivered her, that she had been hearing voices (oppressed by satan) and now she wasn't anymore!! Aw, sweet deliverance!  I shared with her how God had come and rescued our family many years ago when we were in the depths of sin, pain and heartache. It was great!
     Here we were 2 sisters in the Lord sharing Him and His love, power and grace. We were being the ecclesia of God, and we had never met. God had arranged that!
     Do we look for divine appointments in our lives? Is our antennae up, searching out situations when we can share His grace, truth and goodness in Word and/or in deed? We are vessels of the Holy Spirit to be used by Him to let Him flow through us, but we must be attuned to how, when and where He might choose to do that.
     There was a split second when I got that text where I had to decide whether or not to say,"Jesus loves you," to that newly saved, young woman. He prompted me to "go for it" and I did, and the results were amazing. I was able to share with her about staying connected to Him all the days of her life for guidance, hope and comfort by talking to Him everyday, and looking to Him in trust. I know that He will use that wisdom He gave me to impart for her growth.
     You never know how God will use you to proclaim His glorious love, light and truth through His Son, Jesus Christ. Now, that's the Abundant Life. Let His Kingdom come on earth as it is in Heaven, through His family; you and me.

P.S.-Right now she has a situation that is not God-pleasing going on in her life, and she needs to hear from the Holy Spirit how to handle it. For those of you so inclined, would you pray for Aisha as a new-born babe in Christ that the enemy would not have sway to take her back? He will try, as God's truth says that he (the enemy) comes immediately to snatch the seed. If she has an army of praying people, I believe it will avail much to protect her from falling back. Young ones in the Lord need extra care and protection from his ways. Also, pray for her growth in the Lord, that whoever He sends would teach her Truth from His heart. Thank you.


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