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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Fill Me, Lord!

      I am getting more and more revelation concerning the importance of meeting alone with the Lord. He wants each one of the members of His Bride to do this regularly. You could say He wants to increase His intimacy with His Bride in doing this. For you see, when we do, He pours Himself into us, and when this happens our own flesh is edged out of us. As He increases in us (or takes up more space in us, or fills us more fully, you might say) our own self passes away or goes away. Think of yourself as a container which only holds so much. When He increases, the parts of us must dissipate or leave. With the intimacy increasing, when we meet with Him each new day, He occupies more space in us. I am saying this many different ways to create a picture in your mind.
     He wants to take us over, but not in a hostile way at all. No, He knows that the only way we can overcome the things that are pulling on us to succumb to in this world, is to have Him fill our cup with Himself. For you see, it is Him in us which does the overcoming. If all we have is our limited and self-focused flesh or soul to operate from, we are doomed to fail. So His power advancing in us, or our ability to "walk in the Spirit" is directly related to us opening ourselves up each day, or many times throughout the day, to let Him infuse our being. Then, and only then, will He become our all in all in truth.
    Oh, and did I add that during these times of intimacy, we are totally satisfied. We can then see that nothing else we have tried to bring us relieve or fill our needs, whether they be physical, psychological or otherwise, will work. So, we want to then surrender more and more to Him filling us, so that He can take total dominion in and through us. With His life in us, and flowing out of us, He brings life to everything He touches.
    I run to this secret place now because of all of this, and He and I connect with the life of the Father and all is well and complete. "The Lord is My Shepherd; I shall not want," because He fills my every need.


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