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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Nameless, Faceless Generation

     My husband and I took our tour through charismatic Christianity in years past, and saw many disturbing things developing. Don't get me wrong. I believe in the gifts of the Spirit operating today, but I don't think, for the most part, how they operate here in America is God's way. Without humility, His gifts become a display of power attributed to the individual who is using those gifts. This, in turn, becomes a favorite showman type situation with big names and faces being the norm of the day.
     We got out of those circles, as "man-worship" was sickening us, because it was  blocking out Jesus Christ. I believe it's possible for someone to have a certain gift, and use that gift by the flesh. I've smelled "strange fire" in those circles, and it was repelling. So we left.
     Many of these same people were preaching about "a nameless and faceless generation" and yet at the same time seemed to want a name and a face. There is always a "man (or woman) of the hour" whether it be a "preacher" or a "singer" that people run after. I always why, when other people seem to exalt them, they don't say with Paul, "We are mere men. Worship God."
     It is my belief that unless our flesh is subdued, by us letting God bear His cross to our souls, that all that He gives us will become tainted, and perverted and not be used to His glory; "crossless Christianty" it has been termed.
     This is a very serious issue, not only because it displays Christianity as a side-show, but more importantly, it makes each individual walk in the flesh, and not be developed in the spirit, and so "man" then is exalted, while God is pushed to the background.
     Dear brothers and sisters, unless we understand that "we must decrease, while He increases" and be willing to go through the dying process so that can happen, everything in us will still remain as filthy rags, and His manifest righteousness will not be seen. He wants His light to shine through our vessels; not our own. Any and all attention or claim to fame according to our flesh, is dead works, even though it may appear to be wonderful, great and "anointed."
     I realize the pull of the flesh "to be somebody" and to "be seen." I've shared that I have struggled with that myself, and it is a normal struggling between the flesh and the spirit with born-again believers.But, thank God, everytime I have launched out to accomplish something in my flesh, (even though I have thought it was of God) He's let me fail, and then with that has shown me that it was just me wanting that recognition again. I am finally listening, and am gaining peace with Him putting me where He wants, and giving me assignments that are many times hidden. With that place He has brought me, He's reminded me that "whatever you do, do it with all your might." I am vigorously accepting the gift of writing and insight He 's  given me, and am trying to be faithful to write a post for my blog everyday, even though no one really knows who I am, or what I look like who reads it. I've come to realize that in this way, He can be glorified, as my name and face do not matter. I trust that He is anointing these words and insights to you the reader's heart, whether you are from America, the Ukraine or Indonesia. Only God can do that!
    So, the main thing here, as far as using gifts He's placed in us is to yield to the work He wants to do in you. Some of  you may ask, "how do I do that?" Just tell Him. He is there, He is waiting for you to trust Him in this, and He will respond, and it will bless His heart. But, I warn you, it is one of the hardest paths to go down, with your flesh fighting every step of the way, and there will be pain and there will be heartache, but remember you will not suffer so much as to shed blood, as He did. And, the outcome will be that He will be glorified as a result. Do we want comfort and ease in this life, or do we want it to be lived for His glory no matter the cost to our flesh man? If we don't die to ourself, the gifts He gives us will be high-jacked by the devil through our fleshly lusts and desires, and will bring dishonor and shame to His name, even tearing down His Kingdom. A serious matter, indeed.


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