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Saturday, October 20, 2012

God is Bigger Than an Elephant!

     I watched a DVD last night about a man who was an alcoholic, who later in his life began to help other alcoholics by beginning a program called Alcoholics Anonymous. Today I am reflecting on what is meant by being sober-minded, as God wants us to be, and how by studying "drunk" behavior we can differentiate between the two.
     When a person gets drunk, I believe that he is trying to escape from some realities that he/she finds too hard to bear or deal with, so they numb their mind by using alcohol, which "helps" them (atleast temporarily) get through for that period of time. We all can realize that this quick fix, only causes problems in the long run.
     I believe we all operate in all kinds of escape mechanisms in order to cope. It could be preoccupations with just about anything: shopping, internet, TV, hobbies, busyness in general, gaining knowledge, or politics. The list goes on. We use anything to focus our minds on, so as not to have to face the things in our lives that really disturb us under the surface, or on the  surface that we refuse to see; a.k.a. "the elephant in the living room." That way to live is not being sober-minded.
These "lesser" ways of trying to cope also cause problems that must eventually be faced, either voluntarily or by force. They continue to resurface if we don't face them.
     We get a glimpse of how we are to face them looking at what God said about Abraham, whenever He promised him that he would be a father of many nations. The Word says that Abraham was aware that he was past the age to have children (sober), yet He believed God. He didn't pretend (escape in his mind) that he still could have children, to try and bring God's promise to pass. He faced the truth, and then He trusted what God could and would do.
     This is how we too, can be sober-minded. Unless we face the truth in our lives (those things that are not right or are disturbing or upsetting to us) we can not fully trust God. I mean if nothing is wrong, why trust God? If we are always "blessed up one side and down the other" and we claim that all is well, than where is the reliance and dependence on God? Where is the need? All is well, I am handling it well, and it is well with my soul we think we have to think.
     Sometimes I believe we Christians try and impress others and even God with our "all is well" attitude. It is fine if it is genuine, but it may be yet another way to convince ourselves (delusion) to avoid the disturbing truth in our lives. What is wrong with confessing that there really is an elephant in the living room, if there really is? That is being sober-minded. It helps us look at it, and then call out to our God for help.
     I am having to face some elephants because of an upsetting episode that happened recently. From this happening, I became sober, as if I was drunk before with blinding pretense, and someone threw a cold glass of water in my face. I think it was God. And honestly, it really feels better than having the shroud on my mind, even though it doesn't feel good to look at the elephant. I mean the problem with the elephant is that he is sooooooooo big and unyielding to move, that I can't do it.
     So,  here I am in my weakness, and here He is in His strength. Only God can take care of the elephant, and I am calling out to Him to do it. Sometimes it's scary to wait on Him, especially since I have taken false comfort in the past in putting the burden on me to do it. If things escalate and the elephant starts thrashing around and destroying my house and making really loud noises, I feel compelled to try and  "do something." I hope that I am learning with this latest stirring that there are some things that I cannot handle.
     Lord, we give you our minds. Take away all the pretense, delusion and preoccupations that would blind us to the truth in our lives. Help us face it with You by our side, and trust You to make new and restore and handle our problems. If you would have us do something, let us know it clearly according to Your will alone. Thank you, God, for Your promises of healing, deliverance and restoration. Only You can do those things; not us. Wash us, shock us  and sober us up. In Jesus' Name and power.


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