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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Faith, Trust and Prospering

     There is some suggestion "out there" in the Christian realm that it's because someone doesn't have enough faith is the reason that healing does not happen. Also, along side of that view, is that if someone doesn't trust God enough, than something bad might happen. REALLY????
     I have a problem with both of these parallel views. First of all, if we truly believe and have pledged our lives to Jesus, we are His. And, with us being His, means that we understand He is in charge of our lives, no matter what happens. He doesn't then try and set up a faith and trust measurement for us, and by that meter decide to either "heal or protect." I think because people naturally want to be healed and protected, they somehow come up with this belief system to feel like they have some kind of control, and/or to explain why things happen.
    I really like and believe in the lyrics of one praise song. The chorus goes: "You give and take away, you give and take away. My heart will choose to say, Lord, blessed be Your Name." Isn't this real trust, when no matter what happens, we continue to trust Him; to trust that He is All-Knowing and All-Wise and makes the best decisions with our life, even though we don't agree, understand or if it doesn't feel good to our flesh.
     What about Psalm 91 you might say? Well, you know when He says that terror will not come near your dwelling place? About 15 years ago, some terror did come near our my dwelling place or house.Without going into the frightening details (another blog post) I had a dilemma on my hands, or in my head I should say. So, I thought, if I'm the Lord's and this happened to me, does that mean I didn't have enough trust in Him, and so the protective covering was drawn so the enemy could come in? I was seeking Him about all of this, and wasn't hearing Him and wasn't understanding for a long time. Then after many years He showed me that "my dwelling place" is where He is deep in my spirit man. And, no man and no thing can and will disturb that place. My body is a corruptible thing He tells me and this will pass away, but my spirit, the place that I dwell with Him is forever. He quickened my spiritual understanding, because of that physical event in my life. I then began to see clearer with my spiritual eyes concerning many truths in His Word.
     It is quite tempting to gain understanding by our physical senses, as that is what we are used to using, and it naturally pleases our flesh. Another example is how many think of the words "to prosper." Many want riches in this life, and in American Christianity, which we have spreaad throughout the world unfortunately, is what is called a prosperity doctrine. This doctrine teaches that having lots of money is part of knowing Jesus and that God "wants you to be rich." Critics are labeled as having a "poverty mentally."
     But "to prosper" really means "to flourish." That word has images such as a live, verdant green plant which is new, fresh and productive. We are His field. We are the branch, connnected to the Vine who brings new life in us, producing fruit for His Kingdom. I think you may be getting the point.
     All these physical perspectives of having faith, having trust, and of  prospering takes on a whole new meaning in the Kingdom of God when viewed through spiritual eyes and heard with spritual ears. And if received as they are truly meant, clears up alot of confusioin and contradiction and division. Physical or spiritual? One leds to self-exaltation and the other to exalting our King and His Kingdom.


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