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Friday, October 19, 2012

Bad Seeds Being Sown?

     What do you do when others tell you about someone else? They may be sharing some hurt feelings of how that person has made them feel, and of their perspective of what is going on in that person's life, or even how they handled a situation involving someone else. You may know the person they are talking about or not. A better question to ask might be "what is gossip" and how do you deal with it?
     I don't think I handle it very well, but am seeking God on how to do it His way. Sometimes when the person begins to "share" with me, I am feeling like I need to listen to their heart's cry, and am thinking that I am helping them process everything by doing so. I am careful not to talk about the other person myself, and I just remain silent. Even though they may be talking about someone I know, I disregard their perspective they are presenting as fact, thinking that they are processing it through some hurt feelings or unresolved heart issues of their own. I am hoping, and I think I am correct in saying, that what they are saying does not and will not have an effect on how I view that person in the future. But I am not sure it won't and that is the problem. Once we hear something about someone else, could that little seed be sown in us to negatively affect our vision of them? It's a question worth considering. What I am thinking is doing something good for someone by listening, could actually be bad for them, me and the other person.
     When we seek to not only "talk the talk," but "walk the walk," things can get sticky as we bump into not only the heart issues of others, but also ourselves. The alternative to responding in my usual manner to "gossip" as stated above would be to tell that person not to talk about someone else with me. Then, I fear it would alienate them from me, and I would come off as "holier-than-thou" and I feel I wouldn't be someone they would see as approachable., but all of this could just be my fear of rejection, which would not be holy at all, but self-protective; another form of self-love.
     How did Jesus handle these things, and how does He want us to handle them? I feel certain that He would have us seek Him in each situation, and respond as the Holy Spirit would lead. I don't like having to "correct" someone, who should know better already, but who I have a relationship with which might be altered if I do. But, if I am not reacting as He would have me react when I hear gossip, than the relationship with Him should be the most important one. Again, the truth of "I must obey God rather than man" comes into play.
     I learned many years ago in a Bible Study that Pontius Pilate did not have the courage of his convictions. I don't want to be like him, and turn the Lord over to the angry mob like he did. Oh Lord, again I need your help. Give me grace and courage and your boldness with your gentleness, in handling delicate matters in this life.


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